29 June 2010

NOTD - Nude Chic Revlon + Nail Art

Thought I would show you a normal NOTD and abit of Nail Art in one today.
I decided to go for mannequin nails today which Nude Chic by Revlon is perfect for, as it's totally opaque with 2 coats.

I kept my nails like this till lunchtime then decided to put one little pearl at the bottom of each nail..but I then got abit carried away and ended up with a full thumb nail of rhinestones! 

My thumb did take awhile to do - about 15 minutes , but it was pretty easy to do. It also didn't take anything to specialist either. I just used a top coat to act as the glue and a wooden pick. I did plan to cover the whole of my thumb nail with clear rhinestones however I ran out. 

For the thumb nail I firstly painted it with WOW from the Hot Looks Collection by Collection 2000 to make the gaps in the rhinestones less obvious as it's a silver colour. 
I then used the top of the nail as a guide to do the first row of rhinestones.
Then continued in rows. Simple. 

I never really use to like nail art that much however I am really growing to like the creativity of it. It's also quite a relaxing process if you don't do anything too taxing!

Ofcourse like always I would love to know what you think.


jaljen said...

Very Bollywood!

crystal said...

Wow! I'm gonna try this!

Marie said...

So cute. :D I like the last picture.:D

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Pyxiee said...

Love it! I am also sporting some Revlon today(grey Suede - another neutral) but think I will add some decorations to my nails too! xx

Olivia said...

Gorgeous! I love it! :) xx

Hello Barbie said...

Bling, blingm bling! Love it x

Ansa said...

That looks amazing. Love it. xxx

Olivia said...

as you know I usually don't like nail art but your are really classy and pretty! I wull try to do something like this :)

m.fay said...

Love, love, LOVE. Great post!
Please stop by and say hi. xo

ModestyBrown said...

I don't think I'll ever manage any nail art. I struggle to keep my polish chip free for a day! I absolutely love that varnish colour. I don't think I've spotted that before, I'm going to have to investigate now!
Jane x

Katie said...

Love it! Looks amazing x


Fashion Meets Food said...

Absolutely LOVE your nails!


angelamhiere said...

Oh my! Your nails are so pretty!!!

I wish I could do those to my nails but my nails easily chips... You know, I wash the dishes sometimes... I also give our dogs their bath...

Any tips? ^__^

Please drop by my blog:

Thanks! ^__^


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