Summery Nails for the Weekend!


I've finally been inspired! 
My last nail art post was back in March and since then the most I've done is simple leopard print nail. But my amazing Asos Digital Rainbow dress arrived and I instantly thought the print would look good on my nails. 

Now for some odd reason I've totally missed the crackle trend (I haven't a clue why) and so I don't even own a single crackle nail polish! I know... as a beauty blogger this does make me question myself! So as I didn't have a white crackle and I did want a softer look I decided to try an idea out and I actually really like the results. 

 It isn't every one's cup of tea much like how crackle nails aren't loved by everyone and their dog! 


But personally I think it's really summery (even though the weather is far from it) and it kind of reminds me on the middle on ice lollies that have ice cream in them! I'm sure someone will know what I mean... they sadly aren't around anymore though! 

But if you don't like these have a scooch down the page and have a look at the nails I did yesterday, just to try out the idea. I'd say it looks even more like it has a white crackle nail polish over it but it is quite girly and nice. 

Anyway, they are super duper easy all you need is nail polish and some remover. But I think I'll try out some different shades and do a quick tutorial next week for anyone that is interested!


As for my dress... I'm in love! I took a bit of a risk as it's for a wedding in August and it is pretty bright to say the least, but I love the watercolour effect on it and that it's one-shoulder and mid thigh, so gives a nice shape and hangs rather nicely. Here is a link to the dress if you want to see all of it and it's still actually in stock and only £25.00 in the sale

Though I'm playing safe with the rest of my outfit and wearing some nude patent heels and a nude clutch bag. It's not a church wedding so I'm sure I won't be the brightest there!


Would love to know which nails you prefer - I think I personally like the more colourful ones as they are keeping me feeling summery... the weather is currently like a monsoon as I type. 

As for the glasses, and why I'm holding them! It was the closest thing to hand to rest my nails on, plus the pattern is pretty similar. 

Hope you all have a fab weekend... even if it does rain!

Fee x.

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