The Scrub, the bad, the ugly!


I love a good scrub in the shower, so much so I have various scrubs for different body parts! So I thought I would share the ones I love the most and of course the least, speed review style!

Naked shower scrub

Naked Glowing Skin Rice Shower Scrub 
This a a natural SLS free scrub (though most scrubs are free from sulfates as they don't tend to need to foam) that actually feels quite natural, which sounds stupid as it is 97% natural I now but the rice grains are held in a cream like formula that feels quite caring to the skin. It's quite a pleasant scrub that won't be taking any layers on skin of or irritating it, however it sadly been discontinued! 
{You can still buy it though for a limited time from Direct Cosmetics for £1.99/250g)

The breakfast scrub

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub 
My new favourite scrub of choice. I love the play on words with The Breakfast Club, very cute and 80's and also the cereal bowl like tub! The scrub itself is heavenly, it smells so so good, very maple sugar like but what I love about it most is it feels quite a sophisticated scrub and by that I mean it feels like there is two scrubs going on at once. The scrub seems to coat your skin in something also similar to sugar granules and then there are large particles that really get to work and make the skin feel invigorated. It may seem slightly pricey for the high street but it really is so worth it! 
{Boots £9.45/300ml}

nspa scrub 1

N Spa Coconut Ice Cream Body scrub
This is the first scrub from the N Spa range I purchased and to be honest it's nothing amazing but it is a good everyday scrub. It won't be tackling any really dry skin but it does lightly buff the skin which is nice when maintaining a tan. Also quite similar to the Naked scrub in that it's held in a milk like formula and applies with ease. 
{N Spa Fruit range at Asda £2.25/225ml)

Boots mango scrub

Boots Extract Mango Sugar scrub
I had been smelling this every time I went into Boots before actually buying it, as it just smelt so amazing. Not really so much of Mangoes but just so sugary and also like sweets! So I finally caved in and purchased it thinking it would be amazing. How wrong I was! The scrub is fairly similar to The Breakfast Scrub in thickness and spreads over the skin in a layer however the problems come when washing it off, it leaves quite a thick waxy residue which isn't noticeable until getting out of the shower. Also it's not an oil that gradually soaks into damp skin but almost sets into a sticky layer, later - which I had to jump back into the shower to wash off! So sadly quite a fail of a product. 
{Boots £7.92/400ml}

Melvita Extra Gentle Body Scrub
This has to be my favourite scrub for summer as it's so light and orangey but sadly I haven't purchased it in a year as it is on the pricey side and when I already spend £10 on a bottle of shampoo I don't really need any more extra costs! But as a treat this is amazing and just the best scrub I've used, just love the sugar kane granules and the small pieces of orange peel which give it such an organic feel. Also you can actually feel how good this is for the skin during and after use.
{Look Fantastic £12.00/200ml}
nspa scrub 2

N Spa Vanilla Creme Brulee Body Scrub
Exactly the same formula as the Coconut Ice cream scrub but this smells amazing! More buttery popcorn than Creme Brulee but still amazing to breath in whilst in the shower. Also as it's so cheap I've found it's a great scrub to use prior to shaving and also as a food scrub as I really wouldn't recommend the N Spa Mint apple foot scrub in the range. It's also worth noting the more fruity scrubs in the range are also really nice especially the Strawberry ice cream scrub!
{N Spa Fruit range at Asda £2.25/225ml}

N Spa Hot Butter Fudge Body Polish
Another favourite scrub to use and one that smells very similar to The Breakfast Scrub, really warm and yummy! But definitely not similar in texture as this is more of a jelly that holds the grains and it's quite a lot lighter in feel. But none this less this does exfoliate quite nicely and isn't too harsh on the skin! Also this will last you ages. Just an all round good scrub and one to go for it you don't love the price of S&G Breakfast Scrub. Plus the hinged tub is great! 
{N Spa Fruit £6.50/350ml}

scrub sponge

Alternative scrub
Calypso Natural Scrub Sponge
I love this sponge and I don't! On one hand I love the corn grain covered side for really exfoliating hard skin on the knees and feet and at a push the legs but anywhere else it is way too harsh and will actually scratch the skin.  Also as one side is covered in the exfoliating grains the other side doesn't act as a sponge, it just fills with water and stays heavy! So I'd say the product is slightly mis-leading in some ways. However this is perfect for exfoliating them hard areas prior to tanning or just to remove the dead skin, especially on the heels of the feet.
{John Lewis £4.95}

Ones I want to try out... 
Firstly I've had my eye on the Burt's Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate sugar scrub but at £13.27 for just over 200ml I don't think I will be buying it any time soon (one for the Christmas list!) and I really do like the idea of different alternatives to exfoliating so my next purchase in the scrub department will either be the Sanctuary Salt scrub bar (£4.85) or the Korres Guarana Exfoliating body soap (£5.00). I also love the look of all The Body Shop body scrubs especially the Olive and Sweet Lemon scrubs but they are again on the pricey side at £12.50 for a 200ml tub. 

Overall I love rotating all the different body scrubs I have but would really love to find a good priced fruity body scrub that can wake me up in the morning! 

Answers on a postcard if you have any suggestions or in the comments below - either-or. I'm not fussy!

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