Benefit/ Glamour Magazine Freebie Reminder!


This is just a quick reminder that the July issue of Glamour magazine is now out, which can only mean free Benefit products!

The choice is between Benetint, Posie Tint and High Beam and are 4mls in size. It's of course not as great as last years offering, however at £2 for the magazine it is not to be sniffed at! 


 I couldn't be bothered thinking which I needed the most or liked the most so I just picked up all three (which means 3 copies of Adele's face - would love it they had different cover shoots for each product!). But having used all the three products in the past my clear favourite is Benetint and then High Beam... of course there is nothing wrong with Posie Tint but you can get a very similar effect with the Benetint stain. 

Here are the swatches if you can't make up your mind which to get... 

Top to bottom - Posie tint, High Beam, Benetint
 If you are disappointed on the size front even the tiny 2.5ml vials that come in some of the smaller Benefit kits last ages and ages. But you could of course the one you want the most twice so that you actually get 8mls for £4 which is what I'm very tempted to do with Benetint. 

I would rush though as if it's anything like last year a lot of newsagents will sell out of the Glamour Magazines within a week! 

Would love to know which you pick up!

Fee xo.
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