Thoughts & Photos 1.2


I really enjoyed writing my first Thoughts & Photos post and think it's such a nice way to basically ramble a bit more and show a few personal photos!

This week me and the fiance went on a last minute trip to Southport in Lancashire which is around 40 minutes drive from where we live. We only got there just before 5pm but as the day was so summery and warm it really didn't make a difference. Southport is such a lovely traditional Victorian seaside town full of different areas to walk around - shopping on Lord St and at Wayfarers Arcade, riding the carousel, visiting Funland and the free Hall of Mirrors, antique shopping, boating on the marina, visiting the sand dunes, eating al fresco in one of the many brasserie and of course the beach and pier! Or if you are slightly alternative you could visit the British Lawnmower Museum - which is actually the top 3rd thing to do in Southport according to Trip Advisor, who knew!

1. Jetty over marshlands at the end of the beach. 2. Waterstones building on the corner of Lord St. built in 1833. 3. Kitsch beach hunt next to the marina 4. Sand Dunes - which are my absolute favourite, some are so high and very fun to run down!
southport 2

5. A beautiful Victorian house off the Promenade. 6. War Memorial for those that died in World War 1 - across from Lord Street. 7. Gardens next to the memorial overlooking the shops on Lord Street Boulevard - a perfect place to have an ice-cream! 8. More sand dunes!

It's just such a nice place to visit in Summer and a place I really hope to live in the future someday. If you do ever visit Southport make sure to have a game of crazy golf and an amazingly flavoured ice-cream on Neville st!


9. For over a year now I have been aware of the different carcinogenics in products which is why I don't use any product containing Sulfate (found in cleansers, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, bubble bath, shower gel - anything that lathers up basically) and I've also stopped using deodorant containing Parabens, which may seem a bit extreme but every breast cancer tumour tested has contained parabens and parabens have estrogen-like properties so it would make sense. So it's something that I've incorporated into my life and now it's just the norm however with the rise of cancers, Alzheimer's, eye diseases and so much more I thought I would take my Internet reading a step further and buy a book on it!

The first book I purchase is Skin Deep by Pat Thomas and is so in-depth and honest and has really opened my eyes to how many harsh and bad chemicals are in products - even in colourants and fragrances! But I knew the book could be seriously overwhelming so in the same order I purchased Feeding Your Skin by Carla Oates which is full of homemade recipes for every beauty product! The first products I want to try out making is The Brightest Hour Strawberry Scrub and the Rose Syrup mask, both for oily skin, oh and the Banana and Lime Hair Treatment! The book is just filled with inspiring recipes that look fun yet sophisticated. 

Overall I'm more than pleased with the two books and think they both compliment each other perfectly. I'll be sure to share my new found knowledge with you all once I've read both books and tried out a few homemade products!

lonny mag

10. Lonny is a bi-monthly interior/home decor online magazine that is totally free... and I love it! I love magazines but as I have so many different interests - interiors, fashion & beauty, cooking it can quickly become pricey by the end of the month if I purchase all the magazines I liked. So for a few months now I've been limiting myself to around 3 magazines a month and then going online to read my favourite blogs and online magazines. 

But what I love about Lonny it is like an actual magazine. It's not focused on selling the products of one company or trying to force you into paying for anything, it's just free to enjoy! I also love that it's an American interior magazine as I think British interiors can be a bit stuffy and also the content is just great. Though if home decor isn't your thing Pure Beauty magazine is another free online magazine that keeps you up to date with the latest products and also give you a bit of a behind the scenes view of the beauty world.


11. Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies - Yes you heard right! I am more than rubbish when it comes to baking but these are at my level and taste amazing. The combination does seem VERY odd and any type of meat in a cookie is enough to turn anyone off but it actually works! They aren't savoury in the least and the bacon add more texture and punch to the taste than anything. I've also got quite a few people try them now and no one has spotted they contain bacon but it definitely is a needed ingredient.

You can find the recipe at Joy The Baker however it is in cup measurements , so feel free to tweet me @Makeup_savvy if you would like the ingredients in grams. If you like baking or eating soft gooey cookies then the recipe is definitely for you!  


12. I love shopping and would definitely class it as a hobby, rather than a thing to do! So I thought it would only be right to talk about things I have seen/bought and also one of my favourite shops - Homesense. All the products above are from Homesense (the furniture sister of TK Maxx) and are things I wanted to buy there and then. The little (well quite large) wooden house is actually a bird house would you believe, just so cute... but I'm not too sure how you are supposed to hang it or where you put it. I also spotted a lovely white wooden letter holder in the stationary section that would be perfect for storing makeup palettes in, as I seem to be growing quite a collection now. 

Last but not least I found a gorgeous chest of drawer which is unlike anything I have seen before - it's quite hard to describe but you may be able to see in the bottom right corner of the framed piece that is is mirrored, but in a vintage way and only to parts of the piece. Just so lovely! Which is why I want it in my bedroom with a gorgeous hand made mother of pearl mirror hanging above it - which won't happen as we are current saving for our wedding! 

The Apprentice Susan Ma's mystery skincare brand - I've loved watching The Apprentice so far this year but every time I watch it Susan mentions her skincare brand and knowing a lot about the beauty industry. However it's yet to say what it is... so I thought I'd do a bit of search in the hope to find out what her skincare line was called and if it's actually online and it is! It's actually called Tropic Skincare and is 100% natural and cruelty free, you can find the products here... but sadly I'm a little let down as it doesn't seem all that professional and the prices are very similar to Liz Earle. But then again she is only 21, so it is pretty amazing that she even has her own company!

Hope you are all enjoying these types of posts! 

Fee xo.

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