An Obsession with Glittery Top Coats


I thought I hadn't done a nail post in quite some time so I decided to dig out all my wonderful glittery top coats and talk about them! As I have quite a lot (around 20) and they are all super cheap!

Now of course some people won't like glittery/sparkly top coats but I personally love them, especially over nude or greige shades and sometimes over really bright shades in summer. I just think you can actually get so much use out of a a single bottle of glittery nail polish - which is why I seem to have so many! Also glitter nail polishes don't really tend to vary in formula and are all pretty easy to apply.

Gosh - Silver Star (£4.75)
The first polish (above) is maybe my favourite glitter top coat. Well it's my definite favourite over nude nails as it some how make them look so glossy and chic which I think is down to the size and shape of the flecks of glitter. As you can see the flecks are all little shards so quite different from most glitter nail polishes.

Revlon - Silver Belle (£1.50)
I love Revlon as a brand but can't believe they don't have a single glitter nail polish in their current nail polish line. So I had to purchase this from Fragrance Direct for an amazing £1.50! The shade is called Belle but there are quite a few different shades of glitter (here) from a past range, which I'm sure I will gradually buy. The nail polish as I'm sure you can see is made up from lots of tiny flecks of circular glitter and the odd hexagonal pieces, which really catch the light! You really cannot go wrong with this nail polish plus the bottle is a huge 14.7ml!


Maybelline - Flash Cosmic (£3.12) or from Boots £4.10
For a high street brand that is such a great, unique nail polish! I love the fairly new Maybelline nail polish range with all the different shades of nude, but the polish above instantly caught my attention. The bottle however strange is sounds actually looks like it is glowing in certain lights - like a jellyfish! Which also means it's hard to photograph and also to fully explain. The glitter is similar in size to the glitter of the Revlon nail polish above however is transparent/electric blue. The only downside to the beauty of the glitter is that in some lights the flecks look yellow-ish and like little pits in the nail polish. 


George @ Asda in-store - Starry Eyed (£1.00)
This is my most recent glitter nail polish that I picked up from Asda for £1! Now from instantly looking at it and it's lack of glitter I knew it would be a subtle glitter polish but that's actually a nice thing (for me) as glitter nail polishes can be a bit full on sometimes. This is the ideal glitter nail polish to wear over any neutral shade as it just looks as if it's part of the shade and not a top coat. It also looks really chic when it catches the light - so an all round great shade that has impressed me more than I thought it would!


Kiko - Sparkle touch 230
This is a polish that Fiamma actually sent me - so it's sadly not available in the UK but I'm sure you can get it in other parts of Europe and of course definitely in Italy. This is just such a fun glitter polish with all different micro flecks that can be worn as one coat over a normal nail polish (as above) or can be easily built up to look more like an opaque nail polish . It also looks great over light nude shades for nights outs as it looks very glam and sparkly!


Barry M - Hologram Hexograms (£3.00)
Barry M was how I first got obsessed by glitter nail polishes and I remember really loving this when I bought it - but now, not so much as it's a bit too simple for my liking. But if you like really chunky glitter then you will love this! There isn't much to say about the nail polish, other than it applies perfectly and the bottle will last you forever and a day. Also the shades 'Once upon a time' and both the blue and red glitters are definitely worth a look as well! 


NYC - Starry Silver Glitter ( £1.99 in-store at Superdrug)
Another kind of favourite for how unique it is (though Bourjois do one very similar), just love the combination of the pink and blue hexagons in the sea of the tiny flecks of glitter. Just a really fun mix that makes me want NYC to bring out more like this with different colour combinations. It also lasts pretty well on the nails without chipping off which I'm a definite fan off.

So that's it... for now! I'm sure I will do a part 2 at some stage seeing as I have lots more - especially more coloured glitter nail polishes and opaque formulas! 

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