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Sometimes however much I love reading girly blogs all about makeup and fashion it's nice to see a man's perspective on things - especially when it comes to style, beauty and all things cool, really! It also basically stops me from buying GQ magazine each month and looking like a weirdo reading a men's magazine out in public.
So here are the four blogs all wrote by men than I religiously read! They all definitely have something different to offer and all deserve a lot more readers than they already have - so get following* ladies!

*Just click the screenshots to get to each blog. 
Arash Mazinani

Arash's style blog is actually one of my favourites to read in general, his content is always interesting, engaging and he has such a great writing style that connects with both men and women! I mean he can write an article on Bikini Basics and it all just makes sense and it definitely doesn't come across Gokalious in the slightest! His blog also has the feel-good factor about it through his knowledge of fashion and style - take his post on Dress sizes & Self Esteem, of course we all know about vanity sizing and how we can be a size 8 top in one shop and then a size 12 in another. But his post outlined (especially the diagram) how crazy sizing can be and even how one shop can have different sizes of one size! None of it is rocket science but he writes in such a way which every woman can relate to and even feels better and more knowledgeable from - which is exactly why I love his blog!

Danny Kelly 
Danny Kelly

Danny Kelly's blog is understated and basically short and sweet... which is what a lot of blogs can lack sometimes! He doesn't try hard - his posts are two sentences at most with an image or video but they are always interesting and varied which is what I like about them. You can tell he slightly loves himself (but then again wouldn't you if you were that hot?) though he doesn't take himself too seriously which balances things out and you can definitely tell he likes hot women as he does tend to post random pictures of semi-undressed ladies, so really it is a man's type of blog and I shouldn't love it as much as I do! But like GQ magazine it shows me a different view of things that I'd never normally come across which makes it appealing and actually quite relaxing to scan though! If you don't already read any blogs wrote by men then definitely start with this.

Boy Meets Fashion 
boy meets fashion

I'm literally in awe of Jai'me's blog! If I ever had the knowledge/style to create a fashion blog this is what it would look like (minus the amazing photography)! His blog is just so interesting and I don't even love fashion that much, but I think it's because his blog is so different to most other fashion blogs. It's about events, people, premiers, displays, shop windows and he documents it all with his amazing photography skills. He also gives more insight though his photography than most blogs I've seen with lots of detail and interesting portraits of people that he meets at various events. Here are my favourite posts so far from Jai'me - A long line of new shoes outside at night, Vera Wang and Leighton Meester at Harrods, Royal Wedding inspired shop windows.

The Chap
The Chap blog

The Chap's blog is definitely a blog aimed at male grooming and is packed full with product reviews of all different types - though quite a few of his reviews are suitable products for women (I especially like his posts of Dental Hygiene products). But it's also a blog definitely worth bookmarking on your boyfriends laptop to encourage a bit of self-grooming, which is exactly what I did and I have definitely seen an increase in my boy's spending in Boots! I can 100% see this blog really appealing to most men as is doesn't go into detail about looking styled or buff! It's just to the point and honest - which is what I think men need.

Of course these aren't the only male bloggers that blog about grooming or style but they are the ones I love and I think are doing it really well! 

Feel free to leave me links to any male blogs you read as I definitely need a few more on my Bloglovin' list.

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