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It's not often I go on a spending spree but when I do I always make sure it's around this time of year (and also just after Christmas) as I know I will be able to pick up most items half price or less! Which is more than satisfying as I love saving on products - though that does mean I am that girl at the till asking for 10% off due to a deodorant mark on the dress I'm buying! 

The first very creased dress I bought (above) I purchased at the bargainous price of £10 in the Asos sale (it is out of stock now but here is the link). I would of preferred it in navy but when again I can't have everything! 

The shade does slightly remind me of Velma from Scooby Doo but with geek chic being in and all that I'm thinking of playing it up with some geek glasses (that I actually need to see with) and my hair down, it would look quite nice. It's also very flattering on stomach and hips due to the pleating to the front of the dress which I really like. 

Saving - £14.00


Clothing aside for a second I've also found some really good bargains in Boots recently on the clearance shelves, which actually always seem to be at the back of the store, hidden away from the rest of the cosmetics and hair products... which is nice as it's not contaminated with 10,000 germs! Though I do have one gripe and that is with the labels - yes they peel off nicely but they don't show the original price, which is what normally lures you in, in the first place. However without the original price I knew the haircare products were a steal. 

I picked up Tresemme Naturals Weightless Volumising Mousse for £1.35 (full price product here), Toni & Guy Brunette Shimmer Mist for £1.75 (full price here) and a bottle of Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Conditioner for £1.45 (full price here) which even though it stinks of chemicals actually helps with my root situation a slight bit. 

I also picked up... 


... some Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover which I'm sure would of been quite pricey at full price, though after a quick Google search it looks as if it's being discontinued (you can find it here for £2.99) as I could only find it on discount websites. Which I'm not too sad about as I will never buy it again as it's actually for my boyfriend and his nasty hard cuticles! I really don't think I could ever bear to remove mine or even make them thinner. 

Saving -  £15.28


Back to clothing! Now seriously these outfits just show why I should never do outfit of the day posts as I just don't have any style... I just wear what I feel like, plus how do I look so manly wearing that hoodie?! I mean I have a cleavage and still look a bit butch, I promise you I never stand like that in real life!

So firstly I bought the scarf with wonderful tassels in Tesco's clothing sale for £3.50 (from £5.00) but other than accessories and underwear I do have to say the Tesco sale was a let down! Just rows upon rows of dodgy embroidered pastel tops. I also purchased a hoodie which is actually a dress, in the Asos sale for £12.00 and is still in stock here! It is quite flattery even though it doesn't appear that way in the photo above (as I purchased it a size too large) so I've not too sure if I will wear it out that much but as it's so comfy I'm thinking it will be lazy Sunday attire! 

From Asos I also picked up the most perfect cardigan for Autumn by Vila, which contains 30% Angora wool, so really soft and a total bargain at £12 down from £40 (still in stock here!). It has lovely cropped sleeves which would be perfect for with a black long sleeved top come October and also has a very flattering draped look when worn unbuttoned.


Last but not least from Asos I bought this pretty Rosary Necklace (£5.00 - here) it was only reduced by £3.00 however I had to buy it as recently my favourite green rosary cross necklace broke which I bought in Ireland many moons ago and was very sad to see break. So this was a last minute gem! 

Saving - £50.50!

I also did my annoying habit... of placing another order a few days after placing my first sale order at Asos (does anyone else do this?) but I guess it doesn't really matter as it is free delivery after all ! But it does mean for now I can only show you the stock image. I did seem to miss the dress above first time round which is no surprise as there were over 5,000 dresses at the beginning of the summer sale!

Now I'm hoping (fingers and toes crossed) that the dress will fit/be fairly good quality as I'm planning to wear it to a wedding in August... my dad's to be precise! I'm still not 100% percent sure on it, however it's not a church wedding and I think once paired with some nude heels and a nude clutch and fascinator of some kind it will look more like a wedding outfit than something you would see on a night out! Again a total bargain at £25 down from £55 and is amazingly still in stock

Saving - £30.00


Are you getting bored yet?! I have more to show! 

Back to high street shopping and back to Tesco but no more clothing but instead some great savings on a couple of lipsticks and a mascara. 

Now it seriously must of been my lucky day as I was in Tesco Home last Saturday as I spotted the reductions lady finishing of the cosmetics and placing them all in a little basket - yes actual germ free clearance makeup, I couldn't believe my eyes! So I knelt down and like a little beaver building a dam I quickly found a Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine lipstick in Rose Scintillant, a Maybelline Colour Sensational in Shimmer Pink and my first ever L'Oreal purchase, with the Telescopic Explosion Mascara in Brown for my lower lashes at an incredible £2.55 down  from £11.29!

Saving - £20.22 

What a huge saving on only three items... I really cannot believe how much the price of lipstick and mascara has inflated in the past 10 years.

Last but not least I found a lovely skincare set in TK Maxx in the clearance section from a brand I'd never heard of before, however my eyes lit up when I saw that the cleanser contained no sulfates as I had been mourning the death and discontinuation of my favourite facial scrub/cleanser from Naked. After searching for Laidbare online I did find that the products had recently undergone a packaging makeover and that the range was quite small - you can find both products here & here. So far I've used both products a few times and love them, especially the DIY! cleanser with my Botanics facial brush - it also smells like Limeade!

Saving - £7.00 

 So my savvy saving total actually came to £137.55 which is such a huge amount as I wouldn't say I bought that much! 

But it just goes to show how much you can save by sale shopping at the right time.


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