Free No7 £5 Voucher Time, Again!


At the beginning of this year I wrote a guide on how to spend your No7 £5 vouchers as they seem to be around every few months now! So feel free to have a read here. But this is kind of a 'haul' of products I bought around 2 weeks ago now - with quite mixed reviews!

Firstly I guess it's important to mention that the vouchers do run out on the 19th June (so in a few days) so if you have any make sure to get down to Boots and use them, even if it's just on something like the No7 cosmetic sponges which are under £5, so the product would actually be free! 

Anyways lets get down to business seeing as I used 8 vouchers in total - so of course all the products below I purchased for £5 less than stated.


No7 Beautiful Brow Pencil (10 Brown/Black) - £7.50
I actually bought this as I tried another shade ( 15 Blonde) last year which came as a free gift and even though it was definitely the wrong shade for me I thought it would be an okay product if I got the shade right. Which is why I picked up brown/black but again it's just the wrong shade and I'm now thinking the whole range of shades is a bit poop and the actual product isn't all that great either. 
In my head the shade brown/black is exactly that... brown that is veering towards black so quite a dark cool toned brown. But this is a warm red toned brown that makes my blonde eyebrows look slightly ginger. As for the texture the pencil instead of applying the colour to the hairs of the eyebrows it actually puts more colour down on the skin under the eyebrows, if that makes any sense.  As for the other end, I can only liken it too a pipe cleaner! So all in all for me personally a total fail of a product.


N07 Quick Cover Blemish Stick (03 Fair) - £8.00
I must of spoken about this concealer more than 5 times already, so here is a more in depth review if you want to read it. The shade range is fairly small (nothing new for the high street) but is particularly good for anyone with fair skin. From using the concealer for the last few years I can say it's aimed at oily/combination skin and is a cream to powder formulation so it soaks up any excess oils, which is why it's called a Blemish stick. Though you can use it to concealer anything - except maybe not under the eyes as it can be slightly to powdery depending on your own skin. The coverage is really great and will conceal any redness or spots like a dream. The only slightly downside to the product that I can see is that it's not so great hygiene wise, though I use a clean No7 Precision eyeliner brush (£6.75) to dot the concealer on my face and then I blend with a Sigma tapered blending E40 brush, though you could use the blend & contour eye brush by No7. Basically if you have oily/spot prone skin you should love this product!

N07 Smoothing & Brightening Eye Base - £7.75
To be honest this was a last minute purchase as Boots was just closing and I knew in the back of my mind it was a product for more mature skin but for some silly reason I bought it and hoped for the best. But this is basically an 'anti-aging' product and definitely not an eye primer as I was hoping for. The basic problem being the peach toned product is wasted on my eyelids as there is nothing to brighten and also the product is clearly suited to older more drier eyelids, so it actually makes my quite oily eyelids even more oily! So the product isn't bad it's just not suited to everyone - which it should really state I'm thinking!


No7 Golden Palms Nail Polish - £7.00
There isn't a lot to say about the polish as you can see how beautiful it is in the swatch above. But the one thing I can say is it takes FOREVER to dry... and I literally mean for-ever, which can be quite annoying as you think it will be dry after a few minutes and you either catch your nails on something or you touch it and get a nice fingerprint in it! But if you can put up with that, then you will be fine and also very happy with the shade.
No7 Stay Perfect Coral Kiss - £7.00
Is this called Coral Kiss? Or have I just made it up? I haven't got the bottle to hand and it's not on the Boots website, you see! However it is called 'Coral something' that is something I'm sure off. Anyway this is just a great red/coral nail polish that is perfect for summer on the finger nails or toes and actually lasts quite well! Really great shade for only £2 with the voucher.  


No7 Lift and Curve Eyelash Curler - £6.64
For £1.64 I couldn't resist buying these as my then current No7 eyelash curlers where on their way out and had started to wear on the eyelash pads. These definitely perform well and give a nice lift to the lashes that looks natural unlike a few eyelashes curlers I have tried in the past and binned. Also love the gunmetal finish to them!

I can't say I'm an expert in eyelash curlers but for the price with the vouchers they are 100% worth trying out or having as a spare pair.

No7 Pampering Dry Oil Body Spray - £8.75
This is a totally new product for me and again one I purchase in a bit of a hurry, but so far so good! I've never used a dry oil before, so again don't take my word for what I think of it. The oil comes in quite a large 200ml bottle with a spritz pump at the top and is for spraying on the slightly damp skin after a shower or bath. As it is a dry oil it definitely isn't refreshing and to be honest you can hardly feel anything whilst spraying it onto the skin. But after a few minutes it soaks into the skin and acts as a moisturizer which seems to make the skin softer for a day or so. This is basically the lazy persons version of moisturizing after a shower! All in all not a wonder product but one that I've been using after every shower as it so quick and easy to use.
No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser - £9.00
Another product that I've been using for a long time now and one that I bought as a back up for when I run out. I like to think of this as the savvy version of the iconic Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (which I also own) as it is just as affective and is also just as mild on the skin - however I'd say the Liz Earle version is better for problematic skin. The cleanser will seriously last you a long, long time and has the added benefit of a clear tube so you can see your usage. Though the only downside is the muslin cloth that is included in the box as it is quite stiff and basically rubbish - so I'd either suggest buying a few better quality ones online or from Mothercare, or even using a facial brush with the cleanser. 

 As for other newer No7 products I've tried and loved I really love the No7 Metallic Eye Pencils (£7.75) and of course all the No7 brushes, in particular the Eyeshadow Blend and Contour brush (£6.75) which I actually own four of now!

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