Highstreet Makeup Brands I Haven't Tried!

In the last 9 years that I've been buying makeup I've tried a lot and it's been mainly high street! So I thought it would be interesting to see which brands I've not actually tried and why that is the case! 


I never even tried Elnett can you believe! Yes, this is a big one... I mean L'oreal is pretty huge and from looking online they do some pretty good products that many people love. However they just don't appeal to me especially when they come out with very gimmicky products that you apply with a roller or suggest a million lashes! It just seems a brand focused on being a huge brand that doesn't offer anything that outside the box or fun.


Pristige are like No7 but with the free £5 vouchers to lure you in! The brand doesn't jump out at me, however I do like the look of the baked mineral products and My Longest Lashes Mascara - just not enough to make a purchase though! Maybe it's a lack of marketing and they just don't have much oomph to them that draws you in. Also I find it hard to trust any brand that offers Loose Shimmering eyeshadow dust with a dipper/wand!


The main focus of the brand seems to be there eye kits that contain lots of different baked eye shadows that you can actually take out and put into a smaller palette of five, which is a very good idea. But for me personally this falls into the 'Christmas gift' category and I was actually tempted to purchase one of the kits last Christmas. The size of the product seems very in-practical but the products inside do seem of good quality. So I can't make my mind up really! Would love to know from anyone that owns one of the sets how they have gotten on with it.


Miss Sporty 
I think I basically missed the train for this when it first came out and was at the wrong age for it! I'm guessing the products will be similar to that of Natural Collection - however at least Natural Collection has simple packaging and is quite a subtle but cheap brand. Miss Sporty on the other hand, has a pretty rubbish brand name, quite loud packaging and overall just doesn't look that great as a stand which is why I've never really even looked at the products. However I've going to actually look next time I'm out shopping and try to pick up a few products that don't seem as "Miss Sporty" if I can! 


Une is the first organic ecocert makeup range on the high street and in theory by now someone like me that is concerns by different chemicals in makeup products should have purchase quite a few items from them but sadly I'm still at zero. Is there a reason? Kind of but not really that much of a reason! The first issue I have with this range is the price - it stepped out onto the market and priced itself very similar to most organic makeup brands online with single eye shadows being priced at just over £9 and no foundation for less than £12.50. But I think the main factor is the tag line of 'natural beauty' natural looking makeup is good but a whole brand of natural coloured shades is a bit bland and that's what I see when I look at the concession, it's just a bit 'meh' and something I can pass on.

H Tropic

Hawaiian Tropic 
This is a brand that has been around for a long time but for me it seems a brand that doesn't look that much better than any other in the sun care market and just one that has tapped into the holiday vibe that people get into when going on holiday or enjoying the sun. All the products do smell good but who would buy an after sun moisturizer for £10.20 or an SPF25 lipgloss for £7.45.

face boutique

Face Boutique 
I actually love the look of the packaging with the illustrations by Stina Persson and bottle shapes but it just comes across as one of those brands that has been probably created by a giant of a company to purely make money and not build up and type of loyal user or even add onto the range. I like to see a brand develop and grow and bring out new products, even bring out new ranges and as sad as it sounds actually have a brand identity. But since this brand started it has stayed the same and that's just not enough for me. A brand that looks quirky and unique but sadly just isn't! 

I'm sure these aren't all the high street brands I have yet to try but they are definitely the ones that stand out to me! Would love to know which makeup brands you have yet to buy from and why.

PS. You may have to ignore the grammar and spelling as this was wrote on zero hours sleep!

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