New host for next Sunday's bbloggers chat!


For next week's #bbloggers chat I will be away in Birmingham for the BBC Good Food Show. Which of course means finding someone to fill my high heels for the evening... which I wouldn't say it that hard as I don't do much! 

However only one name strung to mind! Liloo or @Tsunimee as she is known on Twitter and her blog. Liloo is such a giving person who I really cherish and appreciate and has helped me so much in the way of techy transcript stuff. But most of all she is just such a lovely, kind person and someone that would be a perfect host for the chat as she really does love to tweet! 

As for the topic - it's going to the on Time Management as that was what Liloo actually suggested for this week's chat. 

So for next week's chat (19th June) make sure to direct your tweets at @Tsunimee and not me, as I'll most likely be in a food induced coma!

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