Wedding Makeup Series - An Update


I have definitely been lacking on the Wedding Series front recently - there is so much I still want to cover but the fact is they do take forever to write! So please bear with me and also forgive this ramble of a post! 

If you don't already know I'm getting married next May at San Francisco's City Hall (which is why I started the Wedding Makeup Series) and up until last week I wasn't that excited about it, as 1. I'm impatient and 2. It seems like forever away! But now I've got over a milestone and it's less than a year away I've let myself do a bit of looking at wedding dresses and thinking more about what I want. 

Surprisingly even though I'm quite girly and love makeup I'm definitely not the bridezilla type - as long as my dress/makeup/hair is nice and I say 'I Do' on the day I will be happy. I'm normally one for details especially when it comes to interiors but with this I've said NO as in my head there is a little voice that says 'It's just one day' and I really believe it... the wedding is just one single day, but marriage is forever. So I see no point in sweating the small stuff.


Wedding Magazines

So I've picked up quite a few Bridal magazines recently and have just been looking at wedding dresses, hair styles and beauty products and I skip over anything with even the mention of favours or table displays! 

Now I actually wanted to talk wedding magazines with all you brides (or anyone that is thinking wishfully).There is no doubt about it they are stupidly over priced, the one above costs £4.99 - which is the price of a book not a magazine! However there is definitely a way of being savvy about it and actually saving money strangely enough! 

Firstly you can't see wedding magazine buying as a monthly thing - I mean it could easily cost you £20 a month when you can get all the same info online for FREE via wedding blogs. But when you are buying one you do need to look at the ones that offer something FREE - for example afew weeks ago when I wasn't even that enthusiastic about planning my wedding I spotted a magazine that offered a free OPI nail polish worth £10.50. I bought the magazine for £4.50 and sent off the coupon with a 1st class stamp (very old school but there wasn't an online option) and I'm now actually finding the magazine pretty helpful.

This week I picked up the May/June issue of You & Your Wedding for this reason...


Free eyebrow threading - worth £13! I wouldn't normally go have it done but the idea of having a consultation and getting my eyebrows the shape I've always wanted for free sounds like a pretty good idea to me. So my advice is to only pick a magazine that includes something free with it that will be beneficial to you. When I last went into WH Smith there was a free Armani mascara with one magazine and a free hair trail in another and of course the offer above - so there is bound to be something that you will use. 

Plus the two bridal magazines I have picked up have been really good - perfect if you are still at the stage of picking a wedding dress as there are so many beautiful styles and it really does make you think about what you want. But even if it's only a month or so to your wedding day - the hair and makeup articles are quite good for inspiration!

My own wedding plans 
So far I have decided I don't want a stupidly expensive dress as like I mentioned before - it is only one day and I will only wear it twice ( I'm having a reception once we get home from San Francisco) but I do want some beautiful designer shoes that will make me feel confident on the day and that I can wear again to remind me of the day. They aren't even going to be anything wedding-y as my dress will hide them... so I'm thinking something nude and fierce that I will be able to wear with skinny jeans and dresses for years to come! 


As for the dress I'm definitely not going to a wedding shop for it, the main reason being is they are expensive and generally heavy - and I don't want heavy as I will have to carry it through the airport with me, plus San Francisco can get quite warm in May. 
So I want something in a more maxi dress style that is long and flowing but that still has diamantes on it - The one above is my favourite so far which by AG London in House of Fraser and is £300 which I personally think is such a good price! I'm also going to have an artificial bouquet from Bloom as I don't want to be faffing around in florists while in San Francisco and really like the idea of keeping them forever, maybe on my bedside table.

So there you have it - my savvy tip for wedding magazines and my own wedding plans so far.

For any brides to be I would more than love to hear all your own plans!  

Fee x

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