Overview of #bbloggers chat No.2 with Transcript!

Finally sorted out the transcript so I can give you all a summary of last Sunday's chat and if you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a link to the the full chat so you can read through it - that is if you don't feel slightly over whelmed as the last chat did contain just under 3,000 tweets! 

So the topic for the 2nd #bbloggers Twitter chat was 'How can PR agencies work with beauty bloggers' and I must say it was a great chat, so many people joined in, bloggers, PR companies, brands, social media agencies and even a few celebrity makeup artists joined in! 

The hash tag is also going international this Sunday with an Australian version #bbloggersoz which you can read all about here!

With so many people with such varied views I'm always slightly nervous of picking the wrong topic and causing a more heated debate than informative friendly chat - but so far the chats have been really good and definitely on the more positive side and always about improving than bringing anything down. 

I feel the PR topic was definitely equal with a lot of people tweeting both positives and negatives of the fairly new job role that PR's have to fill, so here is a brief summary of what was touched upon in the hour - but of course feel free to scroll down for the full transcript of the chat. 

PR & Beauty Blogging - The good! 
  • PR companies that work along side bloggers can help keep blog content current and in the know about new products. 
  •  A good PR company should be able to except good and bad reviews and still continue to communicate with that blogger.
  • Communication that is on a more personal level - Reading blogs, using first names, asking the blogger what shade they would need/what skin type etc. 
  • Brands that really interact with all levels of bloggers via Twitter

PR & Beauty Blogging - The not so good + tips! 
  •  Blanket e-mails - Shows a lack of care and value for all the bloggers included.
  • Stagger samples to beauty bloggers so the Internet doesn't get a burst of reviews of the same product.
  • Initiating contact via Twitter is fine but carry it on through e-mail and don't ask for personal details viaTwitter.
  • Stick to your word - if you have initiated an e-mail or agreed to send out a sample, remember to do so.  
  • Do not press for a review - ask how the blogger is getting on with the product and remember most beauty bloggers blog as a hobby and not a living!

Quick tips for beauty bloggers 

If you dislike a product tell the company why and be honest in your review. Be selective with the products that are offered to you, don't accept anything that doesn't fit into the type of blog you have. DO NOT re-sell PR samples! Talk to PR companies on Twitter & even politely e-mail them to ask to be put on there mailing list to be kept in the loop. Vary your content and don't ever solely rely on PR samples. Blog because of your passion and not for the 'freebies'.

Click to read the tweets of the full chat here! 

Feel free to suggest topics for the upcoming #bbloggers chat this Sunday!


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