Acid Yellow & Strawberry Ice Cream


It feels like I haven't wrote a nail post in a very long time which has been mainly been because I have been re-growing my nails after they all snapped off due to going on a crazy diet of Weight Watcher shakes, which was definitely NOT a good idea. 

So they have finally re-grown and are all back to normal...well that's if you can call yellow stained nails normal, but that is an on going project at the moment! So due to having nails again I decided to reward my clever body and nail growing system with some nail polishes of course. Now I say some... I actually mean quite a few but all are under £4 and I did use my No7 £5 vouchers for two of the polishes making them only £2 each, but more on that in another post. 


The first two I purchased came from Asos in the form of Barry M as I really haven't purchased anything from the brand in months not even one of the crackle polishes! 
 The shade above Acid Yellow (£2.99) from the Pop Brights collection was a definite gamble as I hadn't seem in it the flesh and you can never be too sure of swatches online. Though once it arrived it instantly reminded me of OPI's Fiercely Fiona from the Shrek Forever After collection with that quite unique - not really green/not really yellow look to it. As for coats and finish, it is definitely a 3 or 4 coat polish (my nail above have 2 quite thick coats on) but it does apply very easily and dries quite quick. As for the end result it really does have that nice glossy gel look which I really do like with bright shades. 

I'm not to sure when I will wear this nail polish as it really does stand out but I can imagine if I was doing the whole colour blocking trend thang it would look really good. 


The other nail polish comes in the form of the milky looking Strawberry Ice Cream (£2.99) from the Pastel collection which I thought I would like and for a moment I did, but then I noticed how creamy and pink the shade was against my skin and reminded me of them tacky pink false nails you can buy! But I'm definitely putting it down to my skin tone being to light - so my opinion on it may very well change once I go from off white to mink truffle (I'm talking in Dulux paint shade here).

As for formulation and all that - it was on the runny side, the kind that if you get a little bit too much on the brush, floods the nail bed and goes onto the cuticles. So I did have to be super careful but for it being a pastel shade it did actually apply fairly well. There is nothing worse than a gloppy thick pastel nail polish!

All in all I've quite pleased with Acid Yellow but really I should of been braver and gone for Tangerine or Block Orange instead of going for a pastel shade as they are always hit and miss with my skin tone. 

On the subject of being braver I still have yet to try out a crackle polish and there really is no excuse with there being so many to chose from now. I did have my eye on the nice soft gold crackle nail polish by 17 but it is always sold out - so would love suggestions on other similar crackle shades as I really don't like the look of anything too dark or bright!

I've got quite a few more new nail polishes and treatments still to show you - mainly a couple of Ciate treatments which I got for such a bargain price on Fragrance Direct  and also a lovely glitter top coat from Revlon!

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