Topic Choices for #bbloggers Twitter Chat No.3

I think I'm going have to be a bit more organised with these posts and the chat from now on as it's feeling all a bit to sporadic for my liking and I kept leaving the possible topics to discuss right until the last minutes and not getting enough feedback on them! 

So from next week I am thinking Tuesdays will be day I post the chat summary of the previous chat and also post the full transcript for anyone that missed it! Then every Friday afternoon I will post the three possible topics for the upcoming Sunday chat so you to tell me which you prefer and then post what topic we will be chatting about on Sunday afternoons.

I've also decided on something quite exciting for the #bbloggers chat! 
The hash tag #bbloggers stands for Beauty Bloggers and so far we have talked a lot about blogging which has been great and we will continue to do so as long as we can come up with topic to talk about! 

But I think an actual beauty chat the last Sunday of every month would be great to bring it back to why we do all blog! Of course if it was a set topic (like the normal chats) I'm sure we would all go off on tangents so there is going to be a set topic but with a Q&A with a co-host! 

Of course it's too short notice to have the first one this Sunday - so the first beauty based chat will be the last Sunday of June and I already do have quite an exciting Makeup Artist as the co-host to answer everyone's question if they have any! But my lips are sealed until nearer the time. 

Anyway rambling aside here are the possible topics for this Sunday's #bbloggers chat at 8-9pm (GMT +1)

Photography Tips  -How to take perfect images for your blog, what size should they be, hosting images, what impact can better photos have on your blog.

How to keep content fresh - What inspires you to post? How to keep it original and like no other blog!

  Self Promotion - To self promote or not? How do we all feel about leaving blog links, giveaways and basically telling everyone your blog is the best thing since sliced bread!

I know the topics are very short notice but my Internet connection has been shocking the last few days! But please do tell me which topic you would prefer to see. 

Fee x

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