3rd Twitter Beauty Chat - Tonight 8pm (GMT +1)

The time has come again for our weekly #bbloggers chat. I sadly may not be around for this one as my internet connection isn't very reliable at the moment to say the least! 
However the topic is below for you all to run with and chat about in the hour....

Self promotion: How to promote your beauty blog

Now, again I am aware this could end up being a 'what not to do' or what people don't like... which I think is always going to happen (after all we are girls!) but the main aim of the chat is for us all chat about how we can get our blogs out there in a positive manner that people will take notice of! I think we all know by now spamming people via Twitter or blogs  isn't the answer or way to go.

Again if I could ask everyone to remove the #bbloggers hash tag from any RT's so they don't show up in the live thread and slow it down then I would be more than grateful, as it really did help last week! Also no spamming of course! 

Really hope I can make the chat, but if not hope you all have a fun time discussing the topic!

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