Twitter Beauty Blog Chat - Tonight 8pm (GMT +1)!

A little later than expected but here is the post about the first Twitter Beauty Blog Chat tonight (Sunday). If you plan on joining in on the conversation then read on to find out the topic for tonight and if you haven't got a clue also read on as I'm going to try and explain all! 

Firstly what even is a Twitter blog chat and more to the point what does #bbloggers even mean? 
Twitter blog chats happen all the time on Twitter on a set date and time for lots of people wanting to talk about a certain subject - i.e how to take pictures for blogs, improving blog stats, running, baking... basically anything. But the idea is that it is a weekly event on twitter that has a different topic each week. As for what #bbloggers means... it stands for beauty bloggers as that is who the chat is really for - though anyone interesting in blogging in more than welcome. Twitter chats are definitely an open house! 

How does is work? 
If you use Twitter often then you probably know what the point of a hash tag is but you can quite easily use Twitter without even needing to use a hash tag. Basically if you wanted to follow a conversation between say 8 people on Twitter the chances are you would miss afew of the tweets or it could be hard to follow in the sea of everyone elses tweets. But if they all included the same hash tag at the end each tweet to do with that subject then you could simply search for that hash tag and see every tweets. So for our weekly beauty blogger chat the hash tag is #bbloggers so if you want to join in that is what you search for and will show you all the tweets in the conversation already. 

What is the structure of the #bbloggers chat? 
Ever week there will be a different topic to chat about. Of course I want alot of input from other beauty bloggers so each week I will ask if you have any ideas of a topic on here (my blog) and on Twitter. Then I will announce the topic on the here the day before and at the start of the blog chat (Sundays 8pm GMT +1). The topic will always be about beauty blogger and something that alot of people can find helpful for there own blog. However the topic is just a guideline for the chat so I'm sure it will flow off into different branches but it will still be about that topic! The chat will last about an hour just so it doesn't ramble on and on and spread out.

What is the topic for tonight?  
The topic this week is 'How to gain readers' which shouldn't be confused with gaining followers! So all about how to encourage people to read you're blog, to come back and also to comment - so really to be a true reader! Also if a high number of readers is what you want/need and the downfalls of having a more popular blog. 

Rules for the #bbloggers Twitter chat - 

There are no rules as such - just make sure to keep on topic and use the hash tag #bbloggers at the end of each tweet. 

Also of course remember this is just a discussion and no arguments are needed!

How do I join in the #bbloggers Twitter chat?  If you are using the standard desktop version of Twitter just search for #bbloggers in the right hand search bar and save the search so that you can return to it at any time without having to re-search for it. You can also follow the #bbloggers results in real time in that search through-out the hour. 
If use are using Tweet Deck you can add a column just for the #bbloggers chat by clicking on the '+' (add column) button which can be found next to 'Compose Update' button. Then just search as normal for the hash tag and move the column so that it's can be seen on the main screen of you're Tweet Deck. 

So just to re-cap the first beauty blogger chat will be tonight at 8-9pm (GMT +1) UK time about How To Gain Readers - even if you don't feel you know much on the subject... join in! 

Hope it all goes well and I really hope to see you in the chat!

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