Going Lip Balm Cold Turkey!


Desperate times call for drastic measures as the saying goes! And for one self confessed lip balm addict this is one drastic measure in the hope to find the answer to my dry lips.

It literally seems like I've had dry lips all my life but if I think about it all my problems started when I found flavoured lip balms back in 1999! I would say crazy hey... but I'm sure you all know about how lip balms can stop/block the signaling mechanism that tells the cells in the lips to produce more fresh skin. Basically the lip balm confuses the natural process and you are left with continuously dry lips... so you apply more lip balm which just carries on the cycle. So then like me you think well if I need them I may as well try all different types and slowly but surely you become hooked on lip balms. I tell you it's like a crack addiction... nah only joking! It's not THAT bad but I do need to break the cycle. 

Hence the 7 Day Lip balm ban! 

Like a true addict I know which 'last supper' lip balm I will chose - Let Them Eat Cake Bon Bon Lip Balm by Tokyo Milk which actually is like cake... just perfectly sugary. However it would of been Mrs Fields Chewy Fudge Lip Balm if it hadn't died a low death when I put my bag next to a radiator. 

Joking aside, I actually don't know how the seven days will go... which in reality sounds crazy, even to me. But I do literally carry around at least 4 lip balms at all times and apply one every 2 hours or so! It's the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. Though I'm hoping my nature reflex of reaching into my bag will stop after a few days and I'll see some difference in the dryness of my bottom lip.

...the ones I will miss the most!

But of course there are afew lip balms out of the 30 or so I own that I will really miss! Firstly there is the Neom Multi Balm (a lovely organic slightly zesty oil based balm) which sits next to my bed so I can apply it when I wake up and just before bed as I massage my cuticles.

Next is what I call my pre-makeup prep lip treatments - If my lips are feeling really dry or I want to wear a lip stain or even lipstick I apply the Blistex Relief Cream while I put on my primer and foundation then I take a cotton bud and twirl it along my lips to remove all the dead skin. But for normal days I opt for the Original Carmex which I just apply and leave on while applying my makeup. 

As for the two that are with me at all times it has to be the Tokyo Milk balm just because it hydrates my lips without them feeling coated in product and it also stops them 4pm sugar cravings! The other lip balm is a tinted one by Hurraw in Black Cherry which is so easy to apply but is so needed on days that my lips are too dry for lipstick but I want some colour on them. 
Just writing this has made me realize how hard it is actually going to be. But I've promised myself I'm going to stick to it and see if after 7 days it has made a difference. 

Of course I will post about it next week to tell you all how I got on and show the results of going cold turkey! 

Wish me luck?!

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