Learning to be Optimistic

the sky is not the limit, there are footsteps on the moon

This is a post about a competition but also something I've never talked about before as I never really talk about my personal life on here or even myself too much to be honest! 

I'm one those people that will see an advert whilst sat on the train or even read an article in a magazine and of course if depends on the subject but 9 times out of 10 I will really think about it for some time after. Which happened last week when a lady contacted me about the new Paul Smith Fragrance - Optimistic and to ask if I would mention the details of a competition for the new fragrances (the details are below if you want to enter!) which I should mention involves no type of sponsorship.

So as I'm sure you are aware I wouldn't normally say yes to that type of thing as I only really ever mention my own competitions/giveaways. But her email actually struck a cord with me and it wasn't even much to do with what she said but more about Paul Smiths fragrances. 
You see ever since me and my fiance started going out I have bought him nearly every fragrance by Paul Smith for different special occasions - the first fragrance I bought him 'London' was purchased on our first ever break away almost 5 years ago now! 
Though for the last two years I haven't bought him a Paul Smith fragrance and he now wears 1 Million by Paco Rabanne which isn't a huge deal but to be honest it does highlight how I have changed the way I think - I mean we are fine but I really do feel the me 4 years ago was alot more optimistic about the future and definitely more hopeful which is why I use to buy him a fragrance for different special times we had.

I now almost struggle to make plans for the future because I fear I won't be able to achieve them things or something will go wrong along the way! Which at 23 is quite a negative way to be. The only real plan I have is to get married next May but other than that I don't look to the future.

I'm not exactly sure why or how I came to be like this but I know I do need to start being optimistic again and start enjoying planning for the future and even just thinking about the future in a more happy way as I have no reason not to! I need to start taking opportunities that are offered to me with passing them by and I need to definitely believe in myself alot more than I do. So without being too cheesy I am glad I received the e-mail about the Paul Smith competition as it did highlight the issues above for me! 

Competition  Details

As for the Paul Smith competition it's all about submitting your Optimistic photos on the Paul Smith Optimistic page  with 50 winners being able to attend an exclusive Paul Smith party and the top 3 photos winning £500 each to spend at Paul Smith but you will have to be quick as the competition ends tomorrow (20th May)! There are also weekly prizes to be won on Optimistic Mondays and lots of other good stuff on the FB page. 

Talking of competitions there is also one for an amazing Mulberry Oak Silky Snake leather should bag to be won here! Which I think is literally amazing after seeing and touching it in Selfridges last week.

I know this is a totally different sort of post to what I normally write and I can't say there will be many more but I did feel like I needed to write this down somewhere and also be thankful for receiving the email!

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