Birthday Wishlist & #bbloggers Twitter Chat!

birthday wishlist

Ahhh, finally Blogger is working as I was thinking I wouldn't be able to post this before my birthday (tomorrow!). But all is good so I can show you afew of the things I'd love to receive for my birthday. 

I'm not even going to say I'm getting old/feeling old as I'm only going to be turning 23, however this year I'm definitely not as enthusiastic about it all, which means I haven't really asked for anything as such and didn't even write a list! Lists are normally my favourite thing to do for Birthdays & Christmas. 

Having said that I did surprise myself with all the different things I found that I'd like! Of course the Finding Mr Bright Kit is still on my lust list and all the Maybelline Forever Strong nail polishes in the nude collection look so good! I'm also in need of something to give my foundation a bit more of a dewy glow as it's becoming more sunny - so the Soap & Glory Hocus Focus seems perfect from what I've seen of it.


I would also love the set of four plates above by Rob Ryan which are only £30 for the set, which to me seems a really good price as I love Rob Ryan's work and already own afew of his laser and screen prints.
Though I'm not really the 'hanging plates on the wall' type of girl so would just use them day-to-day as they are so pretty!


I'm also after a new bag and love the look of the new Ted Baked Jewel Print Ikon Bag and also one from Tesco that looks very much like the Alexander Wang Coco studded bottom bag in grey! I'm also tempted to treat myself to a Marie Claire subscription as it's only £12 for the year and the book Water For Elephants after seeing the film last week and absolutely loved it.

I'm also hoping someone will have bought me the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub as this is something I've mentioned afew times, oh and the new OPI Femme de Cirque Mini set would be more than lovely!


The #bbloggers weekly Twitter chat!

If you haven't heard me talking about this on Twitter (@Makeup_Savvy) then you probably haven't got a clue what I'm talking about! But last night when alot of other Bloggers couldn't blog as Blogger was down I decided to ask afew questions about what everyone thought about blogger PR events and if they are beneficial. The response was great and so many people started talking about it - but frankly I couldn't keep up with everyone having different conversations about it. Which got me thinking of doing a beauty blogger chat on a different blog related topic each week on Twitter at a set time!

The idea is... mid week every week I will post 3 possible topics (which you can suggest to me via Twitter during the week) here on my blog and then you can all tell me which one you would like to talk about. Then on Sunday night from 8-9pm we can talk about the topic on Twitter - placing the #bbloggers hash tag at the end so everyone can follow the tweets/conversation.

Here are the three topics that I could think of for the first #bbloggers Twitter chat on Sun 15th May @8pm - 

Gaining readers  - How you gained readers, how new bloggers can go about getting readers, how not to try and gain readers, is a high number of readers a good thing! I'm sure you get the gist ;)
Keeping blog content fresh - Getting inspiration for blog posts, how to find interesting topics, how to stay original etc
Blogs vs. Magazines - Can a blog be liked more than a magazine? Can they even be compared, why magazines are better/why are blogs better!

I'm going to write a more detailed post on the Twitter Beauty Blogger Chat (which will be up on Sunday afternoon) just so everyone gets it and also announce what the topic will be for that evening! 

So would more than love if you could tell me which topic out of the three above you prefer, even if you don't want to join in!

Fee xo 

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