Mimosa Fever


Pantone named the Colour of the Year 2011 as Honeysuckle and however much I love the reddish-pink very spring like shade I have to say in my eyes Mimosa seems to be pushing it out of the way! 

Mimosa is the celebration drink at weddings, a beautiful yellow blossom like tree and the name of Chanel's star nail lacquer this year! But of course there are many other options - Butter London Cheeky Chops, Nails Inc Carnaby Street, Deborah Lippmann Yellow Brick Road and Essie Shorty Pants to name just afew. But lets face it yellow (whatever the finish or shade) is hard to wear, even just on the nails and until you try it you just don't know if the shade will suit your own skin tone.  

Which is why it's a good idea to explore the current trend with a much cheaper alternative! 


Above I'm wearing two shades on alternate nails Collection 2000 Hot Looks Sherbet Lemons £1.79 (index and ring finger) and Barry M Yellow £2.99 (little and middle finger) and as you can see the shades are near identical! Even application is very similar taking four coats to become opaque and the same consistency/difficulty as applying a pastel nail polish, which does seem to be the norm with yellow polishes!

As for if I can pull it off - I sadly think not, but then again it does look very summery! However with abit of a tan or on the toes with nude peep toe pumps I could see both shades looking really good. So a definite shade to go for if you have a more olive to dark skin tone as I'm sure it would be a vibrant pop of colour whatever you are wearing!

If you are looking for a more orange juice yellow then I'd go for Rimmel Lasting Finish in Sunshine £3.99 which actually could be more wearable.


However if you aren't a fan of the all vibrant yellows floating about there are quite afew pretty pastel yellows to pick from - Barry M Pale Yellow, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lemon Drop and 17 Sherbet Lemon. Though be warned consistency and sheer-ness is still a problem!

... and finally! How to make a Sunset Mimosa Cocktail. 

 Unlike Buck's Fizz, Mimosas are equal amounts of champagne (or sparkling white wine) and chilled orange juice and are very easy to drink as a pitcher at a summer BBQ (with lots of ice) or in champagne flute at a wedding.  But lets face it, they don't look very cocktail like and more just like orange juice which is why the sunset part is needed- to make it look something like this!

So to make a Sunset Mimosa all you need to do it fill a champagne flute (or in my case a pint glass!) half full with orange juice then the rest with champagne or anything with a good fizz. Then finally add a splash or two of grenadine (a bright red syrup that will sweeten and tint the bottom of the cocktail) and Voila!

This has seriously put me in the mood for Summer now!

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