Hey Mango!


At the moment I've been mango mad! The smell of either mangos or coconuts remind me so much of tanned warm skin and holidays!

So I thought I'd remind you all of the Marie Claire freebie this month - which includes a 50ml Body Butter from The Body Shop with a choice of 3 different fragrances worth £5 each!

Shea, Dreams Unlimited and Mango! 

 Marie Claire is actually one of the cheaper magazines at £3.60 and this month's issue includes a cut out voucher for 20% off anything from The Body Shop in-store or online until the 31st May 2011 and a free makeover...which I don't really understand as don't they normally offer free makeovers if you ask politely?

Anyway all three body butters smell amazing and so summery and of course perfect for travelling with. However the Mango is a definite favourite, I mean how could you not resist the sweet scented Body Butter below!


This literally is like slightly softened butter, just so smooth that it glides into the fingertips. But it's definitely non-greasy and sinks straight into the skin leaving it really hydrated. Though the best thing about it has to be the amazing scent and it's not even like it's a scent you want to eat, it's just so good to inhale and conjures up ideas of summer and juicy fruit! 

I'm really getting into The Body Shop at the moment in particular the £2 fruit scented soaps and the amazing smelling Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask.

So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the reviews before the 20% Marie Claire offer ends!

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