Things I Just Don't Get!


Last week I was out shopping and I came across a beauty product and my first thought was "just why?" It was a purple nail polish called 'pulsate'. 
Which got me thinking of all the other things that I just don't get in the world of beauty!

Why BB Creams don't exist in the UK - well they are going to be 'landing' in the UK in the next few months but surely a multi-purpose foundation/tinted moisturiser would of been a huge hit even a year ago!

Why sponge applicators with products haven't improved in the last 10 years
 and are still as crappy and useless as ever.

How YSL can charge over £20 for a product containing only 0.4ml - yes I'm looking at you Easy liner for eyes.

Why Barry M names his products plus a number as well... then only includes the number on the product and not the shade. Confusing and annoying! Beauty addicts want shade names - FACT!

Why Boots haven't cottoned onto the sampler sets that Sephora do... not even for Christmas. Just love how Sephora do mini samples of 10 different bronzing products or mascaras!

Why mascara adverts are just so obscure... I just don't get it. We buy mascara
 because it's new/on offer/the brush/even the name... but not beacuse of the stupid false lash insert ad's.

How a shampoo brand in Boots (forgot the name) can state of the front 'No Sulfates'
 then contain Sulphates. ANNOYING!

Why Superdrug's are bringing out a beauty card (like the Boots advantage card) with such a crabby deal. I mean really... for every £100 I spend with them I earn a single measly pound!
I easily build up £10+ Boots afew times a year and I definitely don't spend thousands and thousands there. However if I did build up even £10 in points at Superdrug it means I've literally spent £1,000! Lets hope they have some good double/triple points offers on!
I also dislike the sound of the card having a mirror! Ofcourse the card will be plastic and it just won't work!

How the hygiene standard at most makeup stands is aloud to be so low and basically crap - sometimes I actually feel sick at the state of some of them. 

I just don't get how there are so many fake Benefit products on Ebay and various sites
 - Benefit really need to start warning there customers of this.

But while on the subject of Benefit... anyone else wondered why Benefit Makeup Artists
 are always the same shade of tangerine (nothing against tangerines or the lovely Benefit girls).

SPF in Foundation - Well any makeup product that you don't re-apply throughout the day really. I mean sunscreen is supposed to be re-applied every 3-4 hours so is there any point to it being in a foundation? I really think it also makes people forget to apply suncream to the face as well.

I also just don't get why some people think I am the one behind an offer when I write a post about an offer. Afew months ago now I actually had someone complain about me (well Makeup Savvy!) to a Tesco store?! Due to the Free Models Own/ News Of the World set being out of stock that I wrote about. You see that was my fault...

Why not alot of beauty bloggers use it seems alot more fashion bloggers use it than anything. It really has never let me down unlike Blogger and is so much more organised as you can tick 'read' once you have read a post. I couldn't be without it now.

Why high street makeup is becoming less affordable! I mean really, £12 for a mascara and £25 for an Olay moisturizer!

Also as we are on the subject of the high street - why the high street has never heard of brush cleaner...yes they sell cleanser (oil/cold/foaming/you-name-it), lots of useless makeup remover wipes and even 10 different brands of nail polish remover. But yet no brush cleanser for spot cleaning or thoroughly cleaning... clearly they know that people do wash there makeup brushes these days.

Last but not least...

Why Superdrug insist of putting them nasty sticky metal security stickers on there beauty product that are impossible to remove! Just stop it!

Feel free to add your own beauty annoyances and wonderments!

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