Wedding Makeup Series Part 2 - Achieving Clear Skin Before The Big Day!

Bad skin on your wedding day is the least you want! So to ensure you have good skin you need to start working hard and now!
This post is mainly focusing on how to solve problem skin before the big day!

The big question is when to start getting your ass into gear and really focusing on getting clear or clearer skin for the big day and it all really depends on your skin type. If it's temperamental and can go from being quite clear to spotty in a afew days then you need to start a good routine that your skin likes.
So this could be anything from 4 months before or 1-2 months - it really depends
on how bad you feel your skin is!

Whatever your skin type - dry, oily, combination. If it's problematic you need to at least sort out a good routine for it and one you will stick to. There is no need to head to Clinique for there 4 step system nor do you need to buy a new toner, face wash, spot treatment,  moisturizer etc. You just need to have a real good look at your skin near a window in good daylight (even write down it's problems) and then try to get afew products that are designed to sort them problems out but in a more sensitive/natural way. So no harsh scrubs or toners.

My first solution would be to start thoroughly cleansing nightly and yes, that means every single night. This can be more than helpful to both dry and oily skin types for different reasons as I'm sure you will know.


But cleansing and re-newing the skin daily should help whatever your problem or concern may be. So go for a cream cleanser that you can use with a muslin cloth at night to totally remove all makeup and clean the skin properly. I'd recommend trying either Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish or No7 Hot Cloth Cleanse as neither of these seem to react badly and are quite mild yet affective.  
Next is sorting out the problems you have directly - now I love, love skincare and after many years of having rubbish skin I've finally got it under control and now have pretty clear skin. But as skincare is so complex and there truly isn't one right answer per skin type so I sadly can't advise much plus I'm no dermatologist! But what I can say is to keep is simple! If you find a product that helps - use it, stick to it and don't be tempted to try a new (maybe better) product as it's sometimes like taking a few steps back.
If you are totally confused by your skin and can't find the right products for it and just feel like you won't be able to get clear skin in time for the big day, then I highly suggest starting having regular facials. Yes it may end up being costly if you add it all up over the course of two months, so don't add it up! But it will 100% help your skin and it will also relax you - which as we know can also play a major part in how our skin looks!


In the 2 weeks running upto your wedding you definitely want to be 'good' to your skin, which means more water drinking, less alcohol and a good nights sleep every night if possible! Also cleansing the face properly both morning and night and use an eye cream and moisturizer religiously if you need it. Plus I'd say 3-4 good face masks that you know are good for your skin can only help in the run up to the big day!

If your wedding is in summer or you are travelling somewhere hot for it- there is NO getting sun burnt before or on the big day! NONE!
Lobster face and shoulders will just be too hard to hide, but something that can easily happen when you're distracted with all the wedding plans! So everyday before the wedding (if it's even a touch warm) a factor of 30-50 needs to be applied to both the face (remember ears), chest and body!
If your problem is oily/spotty skin then applying a thick SPF cream afew times a day can totally undo your good work. So invest in a high factor mineral translucent powder from either Bare Escentuals or Peter Thomas Roth that will actually help with oil control and can be applied during the day when your face is most at risk from burning! A little on the pricey side but so worth it, also Sun protection oil is good for the body if you have slightly spotty skin there as well.


And that's it really for preparing the skin before the big day! 

Of course on the morning of your wedding you want to softly cleanse the face and apply an oil control toner (just that one time) if you have oily skin or if your going to be out in the sun all day. You may also want to give your face a good splash of really cold water (minding the hair at all times of course!) to plump up the skin and to close any pores.  
As for moisturizing if you have oily skin skip it but make sure you have exfoliated in the lead up to the day and of course if you have dry skin apply it (making sure it doesn't contain an SPF).
Then you want to wait at least 15-20 minutes - maybe eat a light breakfast if you can manage it! Just so the skin has time to adjust back to normal and any redness to go before applying your makeup. 

If you do wake up with a dreaded spot on the morning of your wedding of course do not squeeze it! Cleanse the face as usual and then place an ice cube in a hankie (yes, I said a handkerchief!) for no more than 5 minutes - this will help inflammation and redness. 
But if you do have a feeling you will have the odd red spot or pimple on the day make sure to invest in a good green concealer before your wedding that will counteract any redness. I really love Biotherm Aquasource Biosensitive SOS Concealer £13.28 Boots.

I know this all seems boring and you probably knew all of this already but you want your skin to look beautiful on the day and ofcourse makeup will help alot but you want your natural skin to be as perfect and blemish free as you can possibly get it!

This of course isn't to be taken as gospel as I'm no guru or expert but I just wanted to share what I've learnt and share how I solved my own bad skin! Feel free to ask any questions about your own skin (I just didn't want to go too in-depth about what to do for each skin type or problem).

Next up is applying a perfect base and starting to think about how certain products will be photographed on the day. 

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