March Favourites 2011 - Skincare


Another month and another bunch of skincare and body products I'm loving! 

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Last week I re-purchased my second tube of Xen Tan Deep Bronze as I was going to a wedding. I opted for this over St Moriz as it definitely isn't as dark and is less slightly to streak also from past experience it fades evenly rather than going patchy. Something that makes a huge difference when going somewhere nice! 
The tan lasted 5 days then started to fade and definitely looked natural and not at all orange! 
It is on the expensive side but for special occasions this is the only self tanner I trust. 
The only thing I would disagree with is that it isn't an instant self tan - yes there's a guide colour to help application (a muddy green shade) but it does need to develop over night and then be washed off as it's not a shade you would want to keep! 
Other than that this is definitely a trust worthy self tanner - though I can't rate the Xen Tan mitt at all! 

Halos N Horns Baby Care Body Wash 250ml £3.49
I can't say I make a habit of choosing bath product aimed at babies rather than adults but when looking for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free products anything goes as there really isn't that make bath products that don't contain it! 
So when I found this in Tesco I had to have it - mainly as most standard Tesco Superstores don't sell any sulfate free shampoos or shower gels (quite bad seeing as they stock so many bath/shower products)! 
The body wash is a multi use product really as it can be used as a bubble bath, body wash or a shampoo - as a shampoo it is pretty pants however as a body wash it is perfect and definitely foams up and works just like any other product. Also this has to be the cheapest SLS free on the high-street and good to have in incase you run out of your normal SLS Free Shampoo and need to re-order some online.
Will have to purchase more from the range and do a full review. 

There isn't alot to say about this product except it smells amazing and does the job! 
I use this just before I plan to self tan as it removes all dry skin and leaves the skin really soft. Just a really enjoyable product to use that feels like a treat and also makes a really nice gift.

Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer for Normal/Dry skin 250ml £4.99 (on offer in Boots £2.50)
This is a weird product that I just had to mention as it just works! I was pretty sceptical, I mean how can a moisturizer slow down hair growth or even reduce the appearance of hair. But it actually do just that! Apply this to slightly stubbly legs (let's admit we all have them now and again) and it somehow looks like the legs are freshly shaved. I'm not sure it this is because the moisturizer leaves a real sheen so detracks from the hair but there is definitely a difference. As for long term effect this really does slow down hair growth if used every day - just really great and perfect for taking on holidays! 


Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser 15ml £23.00
If I had to pick one cleanser for the rest of my life I'm pretty sure it would be this (of course if someone was buying it me!) It's just simple and perfect, and just so good! This is the best cleanser that I've tried that gets really deep down into the pores but with such ease. I really don't know how it works so well. 
I've been trying to limit myself to using this twice a week at night as it is pretty costly but it's been more like 4 times a week and sometimes in the morning's as well! 
It's just really kept the spots at bay as my skin can been so well cleansed and has also really evened out my skin tone. has also just started stocking the full Snowberry range so I may just be tempted to try out afew other products! 

Kiwi Foot Silk £3.00 in Boots, Tesco & Asda
Now I did pick this up on a total whim at Tesco's whilst buying some new shoes for a wedding and to be truthfull I bought it because I thought it was 75p and because I don't really love them gel inset things as you can see them and yes! Not good. So I thought it was a bargain and worth a try - even though it actually cost me £3.00 as I was looking at the wrong price tag....
But any hows, I went to a wedding and wore my new very high shoes for the first time from 10am to 1am the next morning (oh dear that is a long time isn't it) and of course in my clutch bag was emergency plasters and the Kiwi Foot Silk - which I used twice as I'd been trawling over grass and got my feet wet! But amazingly even though my feet did hurt I didn't have to use the plasters at all! No blisters, no rubbing, no cuts! Nothing. Which I think is actually the first time every I've never not had a blister from new shoes. 
I'm not going to lie - spray this in a toilet cubicle you may feel like you have just gased yourself as it is pretty toxic stuff! But it creates this odd invisible silk layer on the feet that kind of had the texture of talc and thin tights. 
Very odd but it just works! Your feet stay dry all day and they just don't rub. I've also tried them with other new shoes and it's the exact same. 

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