Wedding Makeup Series Part 1 - Going It Alone!


Firstly don't get worried this isn't a post about the upcoming Royal Wedding - I like to leave that to The Daily Mail especially when it comes to whom ones Corgi's will be groomed by for the Royal occasion.

But this upcoming series of posts was in fact inspired by Kate Middleton's decision to do her own makeup for the official engagement photos (above) and for the actual day! 

Which I think speaks volumes for women that can actually afford the apparent luxury of a makeup artist. While also makes those that can't afford the pleasure or don't want it even more secure! 
 I'm planning my own wedding in San Francisco next May and if I thought about it I could of afforded to have a makeup artist on the day but it simply didn't entered my head. I know my own face and what suits it better than everyone and I know that I couldn't be doing with the added stress of maybe not looking like 'me' on my own very important day. 
That's not to say makeup artists are not needed, far from it in fact for some! If you are totally hopeless with makeup (and feel stressed at the thought of having to apply it on the day) or know that you may not even be able to hold a mascara wand due to nerves then booking a makeup artist may be the best option.

Images are my own
But of course doing your own makeup isn't as simple as waking up on the morning of your wedding and applying it as usual - far from it! There is a world of things to think about and it is abit of a mind field once you start so I'm hoping to guide you through it step - by -step with a series of 5 posts this month. 

The series will range from sorting out problematic skin before the day, to successfully navigating the beauty counters and picking makeup that will most importantly look
flattering, photograph well and also last the day!


I may also do afew additional posts at a later date on bridesmaid's makeup and how to actually pick shades or a style that will match the theme of your wedding.

I'm sadly no expert in weddings, skincare or even makeup but I do have a crazy passion for all three and do know a thing or two about photography! 

I really hope the series will be fun and helpful to anyone planning there own makeup! 

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