March Favourites 2011 - Makeup


I always feel like my Monthly Favourites post's are a tad repetitive as there is always more than 4 products that I'm mentioned about really liking before - but then again that's what a 'favourite' is... something you use over and over again and truly love to use. 

So with that I'm going to stop feeling like I'm going over the same old things and just talk about the products I really, really love and what I've been reaching for most in the month of March!
 Also as I have so many favourites this month I've split them into two posts of makeup and skincare products.

MUA Lipgloss 14ml 'Shade 4' £1 
For £1 this is an amazing rose gold/watermelon shade that can be worn on it's own or over any bright lipstick. Non-sticky and a huge 14ml of product a real must for spring. I can only see one down side to this product and that's the fragrance - it's just way too overpowering and synthetic, really just not needed. 
But if you can over come this you would definitely be pleased with your £1 purchase! 
Neom Organic Multi Balm £12 (part of set with hand lotion)
Ahhh I haven't been without this all month! It's either next to my bed to apply to my cuticles or in my handbag for an on the go lip balm. It's more of a hard oil so I have hardly made a dent in it and have been using it everyday since I purchased it. 
Also love that it's organic and not full of rubbish unlike most other lip products I own.
Just a really lovely luxurious looking balm that does everything!

DHC Velvet Skin Coat 15g £14.50 
This is one of those products that I wish had been in my life since I started disliking my temperamental skin at the age of 14! It's just perfect. 
As you can see with it being in grams it's more of a solid silicone product than a normal liquid/cream primer with the oddest of textures. You basically smooth this over the skin and it turns into this silk layer that almost looks like it diffuses all your blemishes - from enlarged pores to black heads and spots, it just makes everything less obvious! 
I bought the sample sachets on eBay to try the product out but I will 110% be purchasing the full size tube once my samples run out. 
Just an amazing product that I know rely on to make my skin look so much smoother and clear!

No7 Ultimate Body & Face Brush - £10.21
This is an old favourite that I've had for years and use every spring & summer to quickly apply bronzer all over the chest and neck before heading out. There's nothing really amazing about it but the shape and size of it is perfect for getting a fast and even coverage .
Wouldn't really say I use it on the face as I just find it too large but if you did want to bronze the entire face in afew swipes this would be a perfect brush for doing so. 
This would be one product I'd recommend purchasing around summer when them lovely £5 vouchers are around (though I'd suggest washing it afew times when you get it as it does shed and this will definitely help against it in the long run)!


Rimmel 8hr Colour Mousse Eye Shadow 5ml '007 Breezy' £4.99  
Love this product (and the whole range) so much both for the pigmentation and the texture! Firstly the texture is so odd yet so perfect. It's almost like a liquid-y jelly that you only need to touch to get enough product onto the finger and it's also really cooling and fresh feeling. As for the shade it makes a great base or one it's on for a really fresh looking eye. This definitely gives a high metallic shine that lasts 8hrs or more without ceasing - though in summer I would say an eye primer such as UD Primer Potion is needed. Also I think it's worth mentioning I've had this pot for well over a year and it's still as fresh as ever.
Everyone needs to try this range!

This is sold as being a bronzer for all skin tones but I definitely disagree with this as I've only been able to start enjoying this after using a fake tan than made my own skin tone quite afew shades darker. So it's definitely not for really pale skin and I doubt it would work for really dark skin either. But if you have tanned or olive skin this would be perfect. The marbled product is just so beautiful to look at but also swirled together on the cheekbones is equally lovely. 
It's a mix of a highlight, a slight blush shade, a matte bronze and abit of shimmer. 

Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eye Shadow 8.5ml '32 Brun Magnetique' £6.84
Another favourite eyeshadow for the last year - quite similar to the Rimmel Colour Mousse in pigmentation and beautiful-ness! But actually more long lasting and with actually more of a shine. It can be used in two ways either as a wash of colour when blended out (though to have to be fast as it dries within seconds) or an almost opaque layer that really shows off the metallic shine! Once dry these literally don't budge all day.
I did try to find a link to the product however it seems to be either discontinued or out of stock on all websites I've found - however I'm almost sure the full range is stocked in some Boots and Superdrug stores, so it's worth having a look for them! 
Topshop Cream Blush 'Neon Rose' £6.00 
All the cream blushes I have tried from Topshop have been of perfect quality but this shade really is my favourite for spring/summer. 
Just fresh and youthful! The texture is perfect for most skin types as it's a cream to powder formulation that isn't as powdery as a powder blush if that makes sense. 
Also such a good price for such an on trend blush with great packaging! 


Sleek I Divine Paraguaya Eyeshadow Palette 12 x 1.1g £6.49
 I've only had this for a week but it just makes such a wonderful change from all the neutral palettes and eye shadows I reach for on a daily basis. 
I absolutely love that it's got a more equal amount of shimmery and matt shades than afew of the other Sleek palettes and also that it contains two darker shades so that's you can just use the palette on it's own when your using it and don't need to reach for other shadows for the socket colour. 
But what I love the most is that the matte peach/coral shades can use as blushes as well as eye shadows and the staying power is fab, which makes it worth every penny! 
Shall have to do a full review on the palatte as there are afew shades that I think lack in the pigmentation department and one that is definitely too chunky but on the whole this is a great new palette from Sleek that I have been more than enjoying using!

Shall post my March favourite skincare and body products tomorrow! 
Feel free to ask for individual reviews of any of the products mentioned.

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