Schwarzkopf GOT2B Volumizing Styling Powder


I seem to be on a hair volumizing mission at the moment, mainly as my hair is getting longer so I need abit more volume up top! Plus volumizing hair products seem to be the 'new thing' at the moment!

I first jumped on the Umberto Giannini Backcomb In a Bottle - £5.61 bandwagon which is basically a voluimzing spray for the roots of the hair and I did, and still do like it! It isn't fool proof but if you get the technique right it adds a good bit of volume and doesn't leave too much residue in the hair. 

IMG_3628 (2)

But then I was lured into purchasing the new-ish Schwarzkopf GOT2B Volume Style Powder  - £4.07 after reading so many good things about it. A totally different style of product compared to Backcomb In A Bottle but with very similar results!
I'm trying to not make this a comparison post (maybe I should of now!) but if you are looking for a nice bit of volume everyday then I'd say the Backcomb In A Bottle is perfect for that. But if you want extreme volume maybe for a night out then the Volumizing Styling Powder is the one to go for as it just gives huge volume in seconds! 
But it does have it's drawbacks as it does leave quite a lot of residue so it's something you will need to wash out the next day or it can make your hair look abit lank/greasy at the roots!

IMG_3639 (2)

I've included how to use the powder below but my favourite way of using it is tapping it onto the palm of my hand first then rubbing it into the roots. Once you rub your hands together it instantly dissolves and goes quite sticky - quite a strange texture really! 
But this sticky texture is what clings to the roots and pushes the hair up. 
If you want even more volume you just repeat the step but of course this coats the roots in more product. It doesn't makes the hair greasy at all but like I mentioned it will need washing out the day after. 
The more you kind of juzz the hair the more volume it will have really!

IMG_3633 (2)

It is a pretty unique product especially for the price and it being available on the high street! If I'm honest it feels like a much higher end hair product due to how well it preforms and holds the hair. 

So if you are looking for huge volume then this is the product for you.
Really impressed with this!

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