A Perfect Example of Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup


What a beautiful bride and what a beautiful day it has been. 
I have to say I've spent most of the day watching the live coverage of wedding and looking the stunning images online, which I really didn't expect to do. However the whole wedding was such a beautiful affair I couldn't not and definitely something to remember for decades to come! 

However as I'm sure most of you have been doing the same as me, I thought I'd focus on  Kate's stunning wedding makeup which hasn't been spoken about that much compared to that amazingly beautiful wedding dress. 

So after all the rumours and most people thinking it would turn out to be un-true, she did in fact do her own makeup for her own very special Wedding Day that over 2 billion people viewed from all over the world! Which I find just amazing! That someone with access to the best of the best would decide to go it alone and apply her makeup by herself! 

This has definitely made me feel even more positive about doing my own makeup next year.


So what did she go for!

Well as you can see slightly more tanned than afew weeks ago - but in a subtle glowing way. Also it seems that she neatened & darkened her brows slightly which definitely frames the face and gives a more 'put together' finished look. As for the cheeks I'd be tempted to say she was wearing a cream blush by Mac...but who knows! Either way it's a lovely rose pink shade that I personally think suits her alot more than her everyday blusher style. 
On the eyes it looks as if she was wearing a soft grey smokey eye with abit more definition than she would normally go for in the crease. Sadly though the bottom black liner that she normally wears is still there - which I'm tempted to say it slightly too harsh and would of been much softer if blended out slightly. For on the lips a lighter gloss than normal that finishes off the look beautifully. 

On the whole a stunning look for the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge.

However she was not without a prior help from London-based Makeup Artist Arabella Preston who gave Kate Middleton afew one-on-one trails to perfect her look and technique before the big day! 


This definitely came as a nice surprise to me as Arabella Preston did the makeup of Cherry Healey; a wonderful TV presenter and writer that I absolutely love.

But something that impressed me even more - Arabella also writes a blog and even talks about high-street makeup! It's called A Line on Beauty which you can have a read of here. I'm also very tempted to book my own wedding makeup trail with Arabella as I do plan to do my own, next year in San Francisco, plus she is very affordable! 

As for Kate's Manicure...


It was kept very simple with a manicure from Marina Sandoval who created the £36 'signature manicure' on the brides nails - consisting of a luxury soak, exfoliation of the hands, a deep tissue massage and finally a file, buff and polish. The actual polishes used were Bourjois Rose Lounge and Essie Allure to create a perfect light and subtle pink polish

Two shades that a bound to sell out within the week, I'm sure! 


I don't think there is much else to say, except that I do hope it encourages more and more brides to be to do there own makeup and feel confident and proud! 

With that I shall leave you with a tweet from Face atelier early on today! 

From @FACEatelierCosm - Apparently Kate did her own wedding makeup. We certainly hope that this doesn't start a trend!!! ;)

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