Welcome To The Beauty Sin Bin!


Everyone has beauty product regrets but what happens when you purchase makeup on a weekly basis? 

You develop a beauty sin bin for all the lost causes! 

For me these are stored in a Keds shoe box, a No7 brow essentials box and a pretty Molton Brown box with a silver clasp, all in the back of the wardrobe.
I actually feel abit guilty on the rare occasion I bring out the boxes to see the light of day, in hope to re-discover a product I've maybe overlooked or use to once love. I mean surely they could go to a better home than just be sat in a box - but to be truthful I'm sick of using eBay and a blog sale seems too much hassle with how many products I now have. Plus I really don't want any money for the items! 
I guess it all feels rather indulgent to have discarded products stored away doing nothing and basically highlight how materialistic a love of beauty can be! 

Seriousness aside here is what residues in the depth of my wardrobe!


Jelly Pong Pong Shadow Taffy - This is just one product I don't feel remotely guilty about even though I love the kitsch packaging! I've tried to love it but the shades are just stupid eyeshadow shades, I mean really who wearing bright pink eyeshadow and the product just doesn't last as it's so creamy.

NYX & Barry M Pigments - These on the other hand - Oh so guilty. I mean just look at the beautiful shades, so pigmented and perfect. But I'm just sick of the fall out and getting them everywhere. Really think I may be better parting with them on here as a set to rid me of the guilt! As I know they could be so much more loved and used in ways that I'm not skilled at. 

17 High Gloss Nail Polish in Real Romantic - Boring, boring, boring is all I see when I look at this shade. It reminds me of a shade my nan use to wear once she entered her 80's. Enough said I think.

Natural Collection Cream Blush in Rosy Pink - Another bland product that I actually had high hopes for sadly. It just blend out to nothing and doesn't add anything to the cheeks at all. 

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps - This is a product that I'm more annoyed at than anything as I really did think it was such an excellent idea. Little did I know how hard they are to apply and keep on! I've tried afew times but I've always had to cut them down to size and they just end up looking rubbish and almost wavy at the tip of the nail.

Benefit Justine Case - I actually re-purchased this last year so I must of loved it at some point hey! However the foundation is way too dark for me (and cakey), I also don't find the little tube of Eye bright does anything. The lipgloss is just about ok and the Benetint is the only star of the show. I think I must of got sucked into the wonderful packaging with this one! Definitely need the new 'Finding Mr. Bright' kit in my life though.


Bobbi Brown Lengthening Mascara - For me this is a very standard mascara that really isn't all that special. Hence when it got throw into the box of doom to never be seen again. I just have way too many mascaras I do love! 

Bourjois Little Eyeshadow Pot in Argent  - I do love so many of the Bourjois pots but this is a shade that I just don't like. Way too much fall out and silver just isn't my shade. If you are wondering why I bought it, it was actually part of a set so again I don't feel guilty about this.

Pixi Beauty Sensual Smoky Eyes- This looked so promising when I first started my obsession with eyeshadow. However the lighter shades are really chalky and the darker shades are chalky and too chunky so create some major fall-out! Also hate the cheap packaging for the price.

E.L.F Complexion Perfection Powder - I do generally like Elf product but this product actually does nothing for me and I mean nothing. You are supposed to swirl your brush across all the shades and then sweep into to face and I personally see NO difference to my skin at all. 

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - I had to include an up close image of this as really it reminds me of a sand pit for teeny tiny Borrowers! I mean just look at it... that isn't foundation. The application is so cakey and basically rubbish on me. Just shocking to think this is the lightest shade they do as well! 
Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish! 
Sorry Maybelline... I do love your new Drama Gel Liner though. 


Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now - Hmmm a product I can't explain why I don't like really. I did use to like it in the depths of winter when I had a cold... in the same way I love Vicks Vapor rub when I have a cold, it made me feel more human. But in the light of day with a clear head this is a pretty rubbish moisturizer with a zingy smell and a tiny bit of shimmer. A pretty weak product compared to some of the other Soap & Glory products I've tried and loved.

MUA Matt Eyeshadow Shade 16  - You can't really grumble at a product you only spent £1 on, however I'm going to. I mean some of the pearl shades are actually outstanding for the price but this is just rubbish! Chalky with rubbish pigment and it really reminds me of an eyeshadow I use to own when I was 13!

Barry M Blue Glitter - There's actually nothing wrong with this, at all. But I just can't find an occasion that wearing blue glitter nail polish would seem or look normal! The Red glitter however is another story - love it! 

Benefit Bad gal Eyeliner - Again there is nothing wrong with the product, it's just not for me. Way too soft and the point isn't precise enough for anything other than using of the waterline which looks way to harsh on me plus it doesn't stay for more than 30 minutes before migrating to my tear duct, lovely. This needs to go to a good home I think.

No7 Cheek Tint in Clove - Another boring product that makes me want to yawn just looking at it. The shade is so bland (haven't a clue why I chose it) and if that wasn't enough it applies un-evenly unlike the other shades in the range. Maybe it's off? I don't know. But what I do know is it's too bland.

Do I still feel as bad for all the un-loved products I've collected over the last year? Kind of but at least I know it's for valid reasons. 

Watch this space for a mini blog sale in the near future maybe...

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