Favourite Lip Combinations for Spring!


I am so boring when it comes to lipstick and lipgloss, by default I always opt for neutral shades. However I feel that is what suits me best - so I won't be changing anytime soon! 

So as long as we are clear on the fact that you will never hear me talking about any interesting or bright summery shades then I'm going to start talking about my love of plain shades abit more! 

As I tend to have pale-ish skin most of the year I find even lighter shades can be abit too harsh looking against my skin and I normally go for a bronze/brown smokey eye, so quite a soft look. Which is why I always wear a combination of lipsticks and lipglosses and rarely just wear one shade on it's own. I've also got use to my lipstick having a creamy look too it - which looks even nicer with a tan.
Left - Lipsticks on there own. Right - Lipstick combinations

So my two main shades that I've loving at the moment are Rouge G de Guerlain - 61 Gaela (£28.50). The swatch (far left) does look quite pink but it does have a hint of coral in there. This is definitely one of my favourites - the packaging with the flip open mirror lid is very luxe and the shade itself has great staying power without being at all drying. The other shade is Revlon Superlustrous Creme Lipstick - Almost Nude (£7.49). Which definitely doesn't look remotely nude on me, more of a beige shade but I still love it! It is just so pigmented, fragrance-free and non-drying. 

For over Rouge G de Guerlain Gaela I apply a nice and cheap Natural Collection Juicy Lip Gloss in Fondant (£1.99) which really gives a milky/softer look to Gaela. Plus it has such a lovely toffee almost sugary flavour to it! 

As for Revlon Almost Nude I've found Mac Lustre - Equality (£12.50 from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection, Jan 010) really tones the brown down to give a really lovely smooth toffee shades lipstick. Really do love this combination as only a really moisturizing sheer nude could give this effect.

L-R; Natural Collection, Guerlain, Revlon, Mac.

Another lipgloss that I love to apply over most of my neutral lipsticks is Barry M Toffee Lipgloss Wand (£4.49) as the scent is so good and the shade is sheer but warm if that makes sense. 

Would love to hear what your own favourite neutral/nudes shades are and also if you use a combination of lip products on the lips!

I really hope no one have fallen asleep through this!

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