Travel Minis 4 for £3!

You're probably all likely to groan when I tell you that I found this offer in Asda (as I know a lot of people don't have one close by), but I'm sure the likes of Superdrug and Boots will be having 3 for 2 deals in the coming months. 

Now to be honest I'm never very impressed with the minis in Boots - I know they do little Sanctuary and Soap & Glory ones but they cost around £1.50! Then it's all down hill from there with mouth wash and deodorants. I tell a lie... I do quite like there range of haircare minis from Toni & Guy.

But my eyes literally lit up when I was confronted with around 20 different 'good' travel minis in Asda. Plus they are on offer... which I think is a constant thing to be honest. 

Think Tresemme, Pantane, Impulse body spray, Dove deodorant/hand cream and body lotion, different Aussie shampoo and conditioner, Batiste dry shampoo, 3 different types of Silken Hairspray, Baby oil & shampoo, different types of shaving gel, Nivea hand cream, Original Source Shower Gel, Simple skincare minis and of course toothpaste and mouthwash... oh, and some handy Halo sanitizer & deodorant wipes.

But by far I was most excited about the Aussie Conditioners are I love the smell of them and how soft they leave your hair. Also quite happy with my mini Shaving Gel as it isn't all that mini and I know it will last ages. 

So whether you're going on holiday or just wanting to try out a new product or two, this really is good value for money! 



  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I started my own blog today and I linked you in it, I hope that's okay :)
    I don't imagine a lot of people will click it but I thought you should know, and i can delete it if you disapprove :)

    Check it out if you like:

  2. @Kelly - Ofcourse it's fine...thank you. Shall check out your blog now.

    Fee x

  3. I checked these out at my local Asda and wow, it was gross! Lots of the containers had burst in their little sections and nobody had cleared it up. To make it worse, the good ones were all out of stock.. lol!


  4. @Sophie - haha oh dear that sounds abit nasty and rubbish! You would think it wouldn't get that way in a supermarket really.

    Fee x

  5. They have got good stocks of minis in Superdrug.... I might have been buying lots of nail polish today, maybe *cough* Didn't notice if they were on offer though, to busy choosing between blue/green polish or green/blue polish. :D

  6. I might pick up a few of these as they're always nice to pop in friend's birthday prezzies :3 xxx

  7. Wow, great offer! I travel every weekend so this is perfect :)

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Sarah xx

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