NOTD - A Starry Night with Caramel Ice Cream

I have clearly just made up my own nail polish name but really how beautiful is it! I mean the nail polish not the name.

You see I have been loving the free Nails Inc/Diet Coke nail polish in Caramel for the last two weeks. It really is such a yummy looking colour...slightly weird to refer to a nail polish shade as yummy, but it is actually the shade of caramel ice cream and kind of applies like it too... Ok anyways. So I have been loving it, but I was going to a Christening on Sunday and wanted something a bit nicer and you know...Celebration like?

Well anyhows I knew it needed abit of glitter... but it had to be the right glitter. I just knew Barry M Hexograms could easily turn my chic nails into utter tack if I wasn't careful. 

So my thoughts led me to Starry Night* by Gosh which also coincidentally happens to be the name of a Christmas carol - so nice and appropriate I thought. 
Also I had never even opened the bottle can you believe! Ok just looked and it's actually called Silver Star...I am really not with it today!

It really is as dream to apply - you one coat and you're done...unless you want an opaque finish, which will take you a reasonable three coats. 

All in all I think I have found my new favourite combo that only needs 1 coats of each! 
Though I would love to try it over a lighter nude like my favourite Revlon Nude Chic and even a jet black nail polish. 

On a total side note can anyone please recommend a good exfoliating nail scrub or anything that will help with the skin around my nails. 

Fee xo.



  1. This looks really pretty, love the name you made up yourself lol x

  2. It's not an exfoliator, but I love Solar Oil.. I think it's by Nubar but maybe not? It's lovely on your cuticles and really boosts the health of your nails :) x

  3. oooh that looks gorgeous! I have nail envy hehe...I dont know of any extra special creams,I usually use my facial exfoliator then a conditioning hand balm but it clearly doesnt help as the skin around my nails is not too good!
    I will be checking back to see if anyone comes up with something good :)
    Love Nat xxx

  4. Always love your nail posts!

  5. This is nice! i like to mix my polishes like that too! I havent fought of mixing the Caramel one with any other yet though! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I may have to try this! I have Silver Star!

  7. Gorgeous nails as usual! Love the name :)

  8. I love them they look very pretty! Caramel is a lovely colour but needs something to stop it looking bland... Well I would say that I paint roses on my nails XD My Cuticles are shocking at the moment. I've bought flexitol cuticle cream same people who make mank foot cream. Hope it will work!
    Stacie xoxox

  9. This looks gorgeous, I love the colour combo too! I wish my nails looked as nice as yours!! x

  10. I love this colour combination! I really wish i'd got some of the Coke Nails Inc polishes!

  11. Hello Lovely
    Dr. Lewinn's Revitalising Hand Polish is fab - don't know if it will work on your cuticles but it will make the rest of your hands super soft!

  12. Love the Nail polish :D
    Its not an exfoliator but I use avon's nail experts cuticle balm,
    really helped with mine I've been using for a few months now and my cuticles are smooth and neat!

  13. Love those nails!
    For cuticles I really like the Sally Hansen 'Healthy Cuticles Now'. I think its about £5 and its great - keeps my cuticles really nice and soft and smells gorgeous. If only I could remember to use it... :)


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