A Tale of an Old Mascara & How it came to be Reused

I came across Clinique's Lash Power mascara yesterday, hidden behind some bottles of contact lens solution. My eyes lit up and I thought 'oh I will use that tomorrow morning'... that was before I unscrewed the wand to find a nice blobby mess of half dried up mascara. 

Now it is quite old (maybe 10 months) but if the formulation was okay I would of started reusing it again as I really hadn't given it as much love at it deserved. Plus I really don't believe mascaras do expire after only 3 months - which I actually wrote a post about here.

Like with all mascara when they dry up or go gloopy then it's to the mascara graveyard with it i.e the bin. I really wouldn't suggest warming the tube up in a cup of hot water like I've seen quite alot of on the Internet. 

But then I got thinking about the mascara and if it was worth re-purchasing it and actually using it this time. My conclusion was I did like the tubing effect but not for everyday use but I did love the brush - which I curved myself I should add. Just so you aren't thinking the Clinique Lash Power Mascara comes with a curved brush.

Which led me to do this...

I decided what was the point in throwing the whole mascara away when I could maybe re-use the wand which I really did like. 
For one it would be much better than a disposable mascara spool as at least it would have a proper end to hold and of course it's better made. 

So here are afew things that I thought I could do with it - 
  • Combing through brows with - either just to neaten them or with abit of Vaseline on to keep them in place. 
  • To comb through lashes with after applying mascara to remove any clumps and to separate them.
  • Using instead of the stool provided with eyelash/eyebrow dying kits...a definite improvement when I home dye my eyebrows in the future.
  • Also to even see the effects it can give me with a different mascara - tempted to see if using it with YSL Faux Cils will give a nicer (not as full on) day time look for when I don't want big heavy looking lashes.

It hasn't got a multitude of uses but then again is it only a mascara wand. 

But the point is I still get to use the brush I really like with all the different mascara I have and I have found when you dip a clean mascara wand into any tube you don't get half as much clumping as you do with a mascara wand that just sits in the tube day-to-day. So it does feel like you are applying a brand new mascara in an odd sort of way as it just glides on. 
Then you can just remove the rest of the mascara with a makeup wipe or in some warm water and use it again with another mascara or on your brows. 

I think I will definitely doing this again with ever mascara I'm about to throw away. 


  1. I did this last month with my L'Oreal Telescopic! It's better than my Carbon Black Telescopic wand so :D x

  2. LOL I actually remember doing this a while ago with L'Oréal Volume Lashes mascara wand, because I loved it!! I felt it was a pity throwing it away :P

  3. Fantastic post - I did this once with one of my mascara wands (can't remember the name - but it had a tiny wand and was great for lower lashes)...some mascaras are great because of their wands, and not their formulas - so I'm going to save the wands I like (especially the curved wands) and try them in different formulas.

    I already wash my gel eyeliner brush after every use, so I could easily do the same with mascara.

  4. Great post!

    I did this recently when my mascara was finished, I use the brush to comb through my eyelashes to get rid of clumps. It comes in very handy :)

    www.whatrosiegirl.blogspot.com xx

  5. Great post indeed.

    I've tried this trick myself but you got ahead of me (and wrote about it) :)



  6. Great post, fantastic idea! I always wonder what to do with dead products like mascara, this tip is definitely useful!

  7. i love this idea, will try it out sometime:) x

  8. I've kept a few of my old mascara wands too for the same use, eyebrows and de-clumping.

    I find the best way to get rid of excess mascara on a wand is with an extra-strong tight weave kitchen towel. The fibers don't break off like toilet paper or tissue.

    A x

  9. I combined the wild curls mascara wand with a more volumising formula and it worked so well! xxx

  10. I've done this with two of my mascara wands, don't regret it. They're quite useful!

  11. Brilliant Idea :) I have so many old mascaras just sat there feeling a bit unloved, disposable mascara wands are never any good so what a great idea. Tomorrow I'm gonna give them all a good clean x

  12. great tip!! :D i'm going to try and do this!

  13. i do that with every mascara that i purchase!


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