A Beauty Collage Inspired by Bellishment

I came across Bellishment last week after Emily (the writer behind the blog) commented on my SS11 Burberry inspired nail tutorial. Mentioning that she worked for Burberry (lucky girl) and was always happy to see people's interpretation of the collection. 

And I'm really glad she did actually leave a comment as I instantly loved her blog - the topics she writes about range from beauty and fashion to posts on interiors and collages.

Though the collages and outfit of the day posts are definitely my favourites. Of course nowadays you can create a collage on Polyvore or with Photshop. But I loved that she just used the normal technique of using read magazines, some glue and a pair of scissors! 
I'd definitely say it's the more fun and creative option!

So seeing as she suggested trying out creating a collage, I thought I would...

So firstly I set myself a theme - Spring. Which I actually found quite hard to find images for as there are so many bold looks going on magazines at the moment! Though I did find some pretty clippings. 

My idea for the whole collage was a really pretty floral dress, with barely there makeup on the eyes and glowing skin. With slightly flushes looking cheeks and a bold, bright lip. 
Also a lovely fresh fragrance hence the Marc Jacobs Daisy scent and the images of Blossom!

The lipstick on the left which I love and know would be perfect for Spring & Summer is Mac Show Orchid. 

Like Emily mentions on her blog it's fun, free and impossible to mess up! 
I totally agree, I sat there whilst watching TV cutting away and thinking which images would look best together and it just feels so much more creative than creating a virtual college sat in front of a screen! 

I think I'm addicted already as it's just something totally different, relaxing and fun!

Also make sure to check out Emily's wonderful collages! 



  1. I do this too! I've always collected images I like, most are pinned to my over flowing notice board or my walls. On the inside of my make-up chest I have promo images/ business cards etc from make-up brands. Useful for inspiration!

  2. Its luvely, I did used to do this but I gave up, may have to do this again :)
    Izzy x

  3. Looks lovely :) Great idea for inspiration on a non-inspiring day x

  4. Thank you so, so much for your lovely words! I absolutely adore your blog and am so excited that you found some inspiration in mine!! I appreciate it a lot! Love your collage! It is relaxing, isn't it?! Everyone should try!
    Xo Emily

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