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At the beginning of the new year I said to myself that I wanted to try more China Glaze nail polishes - however so far I've only purchased a set of 4 . Models Own on the other hand have been luring me in with all there new shades each month.

My current wish list contains - Juicy Jules (maybe the most sparkly nail polish ever), Peacock Green, Emerald City, Pink Punch (for on my my toes in summer) and Utopia.

Virtual spending aside I wanted to show you what I do have in my mitts - a little peak at the new Models Own Pro range, I have afew shades (all matt) but wanted to show you one at a time seeing as I always manage to ramble on and on. 

The first one that I think is definitely worth a mention is the Models Own Pro Matt Topcoat. Now all the 54 shades in the range cost £8 as compared to there existing line they are pro qualiity - as they contain a 'Grows Fast, Fades Slow' technology (which basically means they contain Vitamin E and UV Filters) and they are free of any nastiness like Formaldehyde!
Now as you all know I am very (probably overly) price conscious so I'm not going to be saying these are a steal at £8 - but if they do help the nails to grow faster then I may feel differently about the range, though I will be picking up afew on the staples in the range like the Pro clear top coat, a nude shade and a nice vibrant red.

As for the slow fade technology - I know people have mentioned that nail polish fades in Summer, but I really have never ever noticed! So would love to know if you have experienced shade fading!

Anyway back to the case in point! I decided to layer the Pro Matt Top Coat over the new-ish Models Own Concrete Mixer as I do like almost ashy matte nails sometimes - there's just seem chic and clean. 

Now the Top coat actually doesn't seem much different from any other matt top coat but I know that alot of people have complained about the effects of regular use of a matte top coat. Even I personally have experience thinning on certain parts on my nails with afew different top coats. Which I'm guessing is down to the harsher chemicals that make the top coat turn nail polishes matt.
So I'm really hoping the New Models Own Pro Top Coat will be a solution to the problem. 

Of course matt nails aren't for everyone but if you do love doing your nails on a regular basis or trying different types of nail art. Then I'd say a matt top coat will be very valuable addition to your collection. There are just so many things to can do with just one bottle of it - matt leopard print over glossy nails, all matte nails with glossy tips, matt polka dots, matte french nail tips etc. 

I forgot to mention the whole new range of normal, matte and treatment Pro nail polishes will be launch exclusively in Boots on 28th March though you can already buy some of the polishes at Boots Online.

As for the Models Own Nail Art Pen (£6.00) if I'm brutally honest I really do not think they aren't upto scratch at all. I've actually had 4 of the pens now both in white and black and they've all had a fault of some kind with them. Mainly the nail polish brush bristles falling out, then once a few go they are seem to go and you're left with no brush and just the dotting tool on the top. 
I think the problem is the brush isn't secure enough to begin with and the weight of the nail polish on the longer and thinner than normal brush just can't take it. 
However for £6 the top part of the nail art pen is quite good, I mean it's not as precise as using a Sharpie pen but then again my sharpie is forever stopping working and isn't nail polish or as opaque. 

So if you just want a nail art pen for simple designs like polka dots and leopard print then this will be perfect - but other than that I can't really rate it on my own experiences. 

Make sure to keep a look out for swatches of afew more of the Models Own Pro Matt shades!



  1. Ooh these are already out at my local Boots, I had a quick look yesterday but got distracted by Orly. I don't know if I'm sold on the whole growing nails faster thing as it's only on for a few days and as for fading? I've never noticed it but then again I probably don't have polish on long enough. I'm undecided for £8, think nude and red is sensible.

  2. Your nails look beautiful!

  3. Liking the matte nails a lot! I have Juicy Jules, it's a really nice polish.

  4. I like the usual Models Own polishes well enough but I would be wanting something pretty darn good for an additional £3 and not just the removal of formaldehyde either. I will def try one of these as I am interested to see how they compare, no sign of them in Boots here yet but will be keeping my eyes peeled, looking forward to seeing what else you have in the range!x

  5. I've been wanting to try out model's own for ages, I still need to purchase! My favourites are top turquoise and grace green!

  6. hmm seems overpriced tbh,love matt nails too makes a change from all the brights I like wearing. Is there any nail art pen that you would recommend?

  7. Omg I love the design you did. I usually don't like nail art but that looks really chic and classy

  8. i can't say i've really experienced fading, i tend to change my nail polish too much to benefit from whatever it is that makes this polish £3 more expensive so think i'll stick to the original!
    i have emerald city by the way and love it, you should definitely give it a go :)

  9. I've had a couple of polishes fade, particularly Eyeko's Saucy Red, I've worn it twice this week and each time the polish faded (I only noticed after I applied an extra coat on one hand and compared them!) xx

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