NOTD - Models Own Black Swirl

Similar to Chanel Black Pearl? No. But this is still quite a unique dark gunmetal nail polish with a lovely silver shimmer running though it. 

Of course with a name like Black Swirl it is going to be compared to Chanel's Black Pearl as we do know what Models Own are like with the naming of there products. But sadly it's only the name that is similar as Black Swirl is way too dark to be compare to the very silver gunmetal shade that is Black Pearl. However if you do want a very good dupe for Chanel Black Pearl I would definitely go for No7 Stay Perfect Silver Mercury £7 (will show you swatches this week sometime) which would obviously equate to only £2 at the moment with one of those handy little No7 vouchers. 

Anyway back to Models Own Black Swirl, on the application front it is so-so, I find with all black nail polishes the application is harder to get right as the black is well umm just so black! So getting a nice clean curve just above the cuticle is harder to achieve and more noticeable if it's wonky. 
But other than that it's a nice smooth two coater that dries quite fast and doesn't chip - just tip wear after afew days really. 

As for the shade it is slightly two tone as you can see - in some lights it looks quite black and then in others it looks quite abit lighter almost like a silver gunmetal shade. 

This definitely isn't a Spring shade, having said that if  you are going for the summer dress with a leather jacket look then this would be the perfect polish or for nights out! 

Unfortunately I couldn't find it on the Models Own website but you can purchase it at Boots Online or in-store for £5. 


  1. That's such a lovely colour and I actually bought a No7 black polish today, 'Beautifully Black' which has the most gorgeous shimmery particles running through it! x

  2. Ooh lovely! I just ordered this online yesterday! Xx

  3. Looks lovely, i need a new black, i find the darker colours get thick quite quickly x

  4. I love Chanel's black pearl, this one looks great too!
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  5. I'm always afraid to go for a true black because I never get a clean curve by the cuticle. I bothers me! Maybe I'll look for one this summer on sale.

  6. Haha - I love the word wonky! Agreed - dark nail polish is so scary to do on my own - it always looks messy, especially when I have to use my left hand to paint my right one. It's awful! You do an amazing job - love the color!!

  7. such a strange shade of black (that doesn't even make sense!) but it looks alot less harsh than midnight black. so beautiful :)

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