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I've been thinking for a while now that I want to post at the weekends but just with something short & sweet - so Steal of the Week is just going to be a quick weekend post talking about any bargains I have found! 

This week it's the lovely Makeup Mirror you see above which I bought from Primark for only £4! 
It wasn't on offer or anything like was just £4. 

I really wasn't expecting much as I've been looking at ones priced at £20 for afew weeks now, but decided I didn't really need a rectangular shaped one with a flexible stand and that I was just being fussy.

 So I went with's double-sided with a normal side and a magnified side which makes your pores seem more like craters. But the magnified side is more than perfect for applying eye makeup and for inspecting pores and spots.
As for the quality - I am more than impressed with it. The base of the mirror is really weighted, so no chance of catching it and knocking it over! 
Plus it's actually made from stainless steel so really mirror like and shiny. 

Perfect, practical and £4 well spent!



  1. £4!! What a bargain!!

    Oh and I really love your wallpaper!!!


  2. I got an identical one in Tiger for about £3.
    Bargain but mine doesn't stay still when I move it to a different angle.
    I have my trusted Revlon one now but it's far from a bargain I should say.

    Love your wallpaper too! X

  3. Your set-up is really nice!
    I got a similar mirror from Ikea for only £3 and I love it!

    But I swear Primark are getting better these days!

    :) xx

  4. I remember my mum getting me one of revlons illuminated mirrors when I was a teeny & thinking it was a bit of a naff pressie. Still have it to this day & blinking love it!

  5. I love the little pots at the side of the mirror :D

  6. Wow - mine actually was £20 - what a *steal*!

  7. Oh that wall paper, I love it so. Mirror sounds like a bargain but having once plucked my eye brows in a magnifying mirror - ended up looking like something out of Star Trek - I am terrified of them! x

  8. Oh I am green with envy - beautifully neat dressing table. I posted a photo of mine it is such a mess. Great bargain. Thanks Fee x

  9. I have one of these too! Absolutely love it, the normal mirror is perfect for applying my makeup & I use the magnified side when grooming the brows! You can really see all the teensy little hairs which is great :)

    Aysh xoxo

  10. Your walls are gorgeous! £4 is a great bargain I will be having a nosey in Primark when I am next in Inverness xxx

  11. got to love good old primark, and I love this idea look forward to more steals :)

  12. oo WOW! I definitely want to get my hands on that!

  13. wow i love your set up so gorgeous Fee xx

  14. Brilliant! I have been looking for one for ages. Even the ones in Matalan are expensive. And workind for Debenhams over Christmas I noticed that even in sales, the mirrors were about £20!

  15. I swear i have this exact same mirror but paid like, £15 or something for it in Boots! Grrrr i hate it when that happens!!

    Good bargain though :)

    Jo, xoxo

  16. I have this one :) good old Primark! It's been serving me well for a good two years now!

  17. What a bargain! Got to love Primarni. I've been looking for a light up cosmetics mirror for a while, but at just £4 it seems rude not to buy it! I'll be avoiding the ultra-magnifying side like the plague though, my pores are big enough without being shown ten times bigger.

  18. Primark is the best for bagains! Absolutely love your dressing table area Fee :)#

    Kaushal xx

  19. Off i skip to primark i find the massssssive bargain xx nice find hun x


  20. Yeah this looks much better than our cheap ikea mirrors. I think it's time for a change anyway. Go go bargain shoppers!

  21. Fabulous buy!

    I've also got a Revlon light up one which is great. But a word of caution to anyone who has a dressing table area near a window. I came home one summer's day to find a small burn and melted area on the lid of a jewellery box. The sun must've been hitting the magnifying side of the mirror then bouncing onto the box. It was nothing serious, but it easily could've been. I know sun seems like an alien concept at the moment :) but just take care where you sit your mirror.


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