NOTD - Stargazer 307

Another day, another Stargazer nail polish! I promise I will stop once I've got over how amazing yet cheap these shades are.

It was only whilst googling 'Orly Space Cadet' that I spotted this shade...a definite dupe for quite alot of shades - Orly Space Cadet, MAC Mean & Green and Hard Candy Beetle. 

However Stargazer 307 definitely came in at the cheapest at £2.50!

While buying this I had a look at the other duo chrome nail polishes on the Stargazer website and was really surprised to see the large range of them...again at £2.50 each. I would suggest googling the shade numbers to see more accurate swatches though!

Stargazer 307 is such a lovely nail polish on the nails with a mixtures of tones to it. In one light it will be more green than purple, then in other lights it will be a mixtures of green, purple and an almost red/orange shade. Really amazing! 

The nail polish actually reminds me of the effect car oil gives in puddles! 

The only two negative things I could say about this range is the tip wear isn't that great and the numbering system sucks! 
Stargazer is such a creative brand with so many amazing pigments and shades, yet my wonderful nail polish is called '307'....

Stargazer and China Glaze are definitely the nail polish brands I will be exploring in 2011!



  1. This is such an unusual colour Fee. But I'm looking it - it's like they've put a spin on black :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. My daughter bought me some of these but I haven't tried them yet. Better get onto it.

  3. Looks fab. Maybe its "307" because its a dupe for 307 other, way more expensive, polishes?!!

  4. Also looks like it's similar to Accessorize's Aztec, which is £4. x

  5. It's funny how many companies have their own version of this shade now, after seeing how everyone went mad for the MAC one! I remember there used to be colours like this around when I was a little kid, too. I love Stargazer, so I'll probably end up with some of their polishes too :)

  6. Your nails look crazy gorgeous. I have never heard of Stargazer but I am definitely going to check them out. I am obsessed with China Glaze though!


  7. ooh, that's definitely cosmic! now i feel the need to watch some sci-fi or something :p

  8. i love this!

  9. This is gorgeous, and such an amazing bargain at £2.50! It looks so similar to MAC's Mean & Green as well, and at a fraction of the price.

  10. what a fab colour! I wanted that MAC one badly but never got my hands on it :( You can be sure I'll be checking these out, thanks babe!

    Aysh xoxo

  11. I absolutely love the stargazer nail polishes. But I know what you mean, the numbers just don't give the nail polishes justice. There's something about a named nail polish that I just love :) x

  12. As soon as I saw this I thought "Oooh it looks like MAC!" That's a pretty good find for £2.50.

    So looking forward to more China Glaze posts, my experience of the brand has been great so far, definitely looking forward to seeing your thoughts.


  13. I love this shade. I really fancy trying a few of them out but my bf wont come with me to town.


  14. I am obsessed by this shade! Massive fan of the Stargazer polish and the hair dye xxx

  15. This is stunning! I love how the light picks up so many different colours.

    I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger award. I love reading all the different posts you blog about.

    Thanks x

  16. Hello, and thank you so much for this article!!
    I was amazed to discover this Space Cadet dupe, and the prices are really interesting, I think I'll be exploring the brand too in 2011 (when my no buy mode ends, that is ^^).
    I took one of your pictures to illutrate my own blog article (as I was in a polychrome period these days and wanted to find numerous ones), but linked it to your own article here and gave you the whole credit. Please let me know if this goes against your will and I will take it off my blog. And forgive me for not asking before :$

    If you have other Stargazer colours, I'll be very curious to discover them, especially those from the same collection, with duochrome effects!!
    Have a great day!

  17. I have a few of these nail polishes but not 307. I agree with you on the name situation I think we should make up our own! Also I agree with you about the tip wear not being great but the colours are bee-yootifool!!xx

  18. Gorgeous color, I can't believe it's so cheap! Thanks Fee ;) x

  19. Love how cheap stargazer polishes are, I haven't seen 307 but it looks gorgeous! I am definitely lusting after it at the moment.

  20. This looks identical to OPI's Not Like The Movies from the Katy Perry range... only more affordable!


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