Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

I think most of use have tried a Montagne-don't-know-how-to-say-it-but-like-it face mask, at least once! 

At the bargain price of 99p a sachet it is definitely a 'throw in with the deodorant' purchase for most - but I actually think the 10 minutes of goodness & relaxation it gives deserves talking about. 

So in the name of research for this review I parted with £2.97 and purchased three masks I'd never tried before!

Passion Peel Off 10ml - 'Gently peel away dead skin with this amazing deep cleansing masque. Out Pomegranate and Passion Flower formula cleans, purifies and protects leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant'.

I really liked the sound of this - all fruity and zesty. It really didn't disappoint on the scent front, reminding me of a tropical greenhouse or garden centre (ok, I don't even know were these explanations come from) just very summery.
As for application it was abit more difficult than a normal mask in the sense that it was more gel like and sticky. Once on it's recommended to keep it on for 10-20 minutes but I'd say more 25 minutes if you want to peel it off all in one go and not have gooey patches left on your face. As it dried it did become tight however still refreshing. 

The peeling off of the mask wasn't the most enjoyable of experiences as it did pull at the skin especially around the eye area and the hair line especially if you happen to get any little hairs into the mask. 

The Results - I'm not too sure if I would buy this again mainly due to the peel off aspect of the mask, however this come be down to my bad application of it especially around the hairline. As for the results it was definitely moisturizing and my skin felt quite hydrated afterwards but other than that I couldn't feel any difference in the appearance of my skin - thought afew days after my skin was still spot free and feeling quite soft! 

Chocolate Mud Masque 20g - 'This masque offers a feast of creamy delights - it's outrageous! This deep cleansing masque helps unblock pores, moisturises and heals for skin that glows with health. It smells incredible - imagine these - Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter - creamy heaven'.

Someone tell me why I've never tried this before! This is the ideal face mask for anyone that loves chocolate or is dieting (but be warned you will be tempted to have a lick!). The consistency and smell of this can only be described as melted Galaxy chocolate, just lovely. It also applies rather lovely too, really smooth and even. The drying time for this is 10-15 minutes but it starts to set after 5 minutes - still giving of a lovely chocolate scent though. 
Removing the mask was abit messy as it brown so in future I would definitely remove this with a soft facial sponge or a flannel. 

The Results - Well I can't say my face was glowing afterwards but it did seem abit brighter, softer and clean feeling. As for unblocking pores...I did seem to reduce the appearance of the blackheads I have but only for afew hours, so maybe a mask to apply pre-night out. 
Also as this is a wash off mask it contains 20g of product which is definitely enough for two good applications. 
This is 100% going to be re-purchased again in the future along with the equally lovely sounding White Chocolate Masque. 

Green Tea Peel Off 10ml - 'Experience the well being of natural minerals, young green tea, root Ginger and reviving properties of squeezed Lemon to uplift and refresh the skin. 
Deep cleanse your pores, remove impurities and peel to reveal healthier, younger looking skin'. 

This was the most subtle mask out of the three - the scent was barely there with just a hint of Lemon and the colour of the mask being a clear green-ish colour. The mask applied exactly the same as the Passion Peel Off however peeling this off was alot easier and kinder on the skin. I actually managed to peel the mask off all in one go - leaving me holding a scary looking mask that looked like it had been on the face of a raccoon! 

The Results -  This actually gave more of a noticeable effect after use with my skin looking brighter and fresher. It also felt more perky and cooler which was quite nice. 
A definite mask to use in summer after being out it the sun! 

Next Montagne Jeunesse masks to try are... White Chocolate Masque, Cherry Tonic and Fudge Sauna! 

I'm starting to think face masks could be the future to clearer, softer skin. 



  1. Haa, I've just tried the Cucumber peel-off mask yesterday and you are right, 20 minutes aren't enough to let it dry. I love peel-off masks, I think they're the most fun ones ever, but I think I should have applied a thicker layer. My skin is oily, so there was a difference, as it stripped off all the grease from my face. Yaaay! :P

  2. I love the chocolate mud mask! It's my favourite of the lot, I use pretty much once a week as I'm addicted to the smell, plus the lovely softness it gives my skin... but i agree it is a bit messy to clean off afterwards.


  3. I always use these masks when I'm giving myself a 'pamper' night - I'll slap it on, have a bubble bath and read trashy gossip magazines haha. For 99p they're amazing value and really good quality!

  4. I always use these mask so good and really affordable :)

  5. Love the sound of the green tea one, as it's so fantastic for your skin. I've started using a mask twice week and it's actually made quite a difference to my skin :) xx


  6. i love these, especially the peel off ones! i like how u look like u had botox done once they dry lol
    they actually come in a squeeze tube now, i saw them at my local pharmacy. i find thats handier, cuz i dont actually use the whole sachet at once


  7. I tried one of these a few years ago and my face felt like it was burning. They may have changed the formulation since then though so I might pick one up to try!The green tea one sounds nice :)

  8. I bought a vanilla hot fudge mask by them, it smelled amazing and it felt really great while it was on because it warmed up. However, the next day my skin was a mess. Breakouts everywhere!!! I had just gotten my skin under control before I tried this and now it's like starting all over again. Definitely not impressed with that one!

  9. I have always wanted to try one of these, so I think I might pick some up on the way back from the gym tomorrow. Thanks for yet another brilliant review :)

  10. I haven't tried those yet but I'll sure do! :)

  11. I love my face masks too, i use a greek organic brand called apivita, mostly green clay and i adore them. I use them 1 time a week to clean my pores.

  12. I used to buy one of these every week! However, after trying a Body Shop face mask, they don't seem like that great value for the amout you get. I did love the chocolate one though! x

  13. Ooh I love peel-off masks! I've never tried this brand though I'm always intrigued by them... Think I might pick a few up next time I'm in town :) x

  14. I always pick up one of these when I see them out shopping. They're nice for 99p but I've not found them to be that great. Still a nice little treat though. :)

  15. I liked the chocolate mask, and so did my 9 year old son. :-) He loves chocolate so I let him use it too.

  16. hehe just bought a whole bunch of these as they were on offer! can't wait to try em out in some pampering sessions :)

    Aysh xoxo

  17. I love the chocolate one, I usually get that one.

  18. ooooh its so funny I have all 3 of these sitting upstairs on my dressing table as my step mum bought them as a pamper treat following the birth of my daughter but I had forgotten about them. Based on this I will definitely give them a go soon. Great post, thank you xx

  19. That is so weird I am doing a huge review on all different face masks, I love your reviews I have the passion peel off yet to try and same different ones I loved the chocolate one. I may have to try the Green tea peel. Look forward to more :)

  20. thanks for this review. ive been temptd to buy these so many times.. it just seemed like a gimmicky hit and miss type product because of the price and funky ideas :) thanks for this.

    Amelia xo

  21. Great review. I've always dismissed their face masks as a bit gimmicky because of their cheap prices and bright packaging but the chocolate and tea tree ones sound lovely, definitely going to give it a try x

  22. i always use the green tea and ginger ones, like the soud of cherry tonic though!xxx

  23. me and my friends always used to buy these and use them on sleepovers and think we were so grown up! i havent used one for years, i feel like buying one now, for old times sake x

  24. Green Tea Peel Off - Yep I think I definately have a Montagne Jeunesse facial mask problem now, I honestly did not realise I had tried so many and lucky me there are still lots more to try!

    So here is another one of my Sunday night mask treats again it costs 89p from Home bargains or 99p from other chemists. It comes in a 10ml sachet the same as other ones. This one is designed to re-energize my skin by using natural minerals, green tea, ginger even a bit of squeezed lemon.

    I use it the same as the others:

    Tie my hair up and clip fly away bits out of the way.
    Wash my face so it's clean to begin with.
    Tear the sachet and squeeze out in this case the light green sticky liquid which does not look like the icing on the face lady on the picture lol. Make sure I avoid my eyebrows!
    Sit back relax for 15-20 minutes.
    Wait til I can feel the mask drying.
    Pull some funny faces in the mirror to release the dry mask.
    Then pull the mask off.
    Use a wet flannel to remove any sticky bits which maybe left behind.
    Dry face and thats it done.

    This mask is another great one I like the peel off ones because they do leave my skin feeling like a layer a dead skin has been lifted which is what I like.

    This mask is designed for use once a week as I have so many I change to a different one each week so I get a different treat each week.

    My only tip for these is to not use them in the bath because the heat tends to stop the face mask from drying properly.

    So here are the ingredients for this one just incase you are allergic to to anything in it best to know before hand so here they are:

    Aqua(Purified water), Polyvinyl alcohol, PPG-1-PEG-9 lauryl glycol ether, Sodium citrate, Propylene glycol, Parfum(Fragrance), Fresh lemon, Glycerin, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice, Camellia sinensis (Green tea) leaf extract, Panax ginseng root extract, Oenothera biennis(Evening primrose)flower extract, Zingiber officinale (Ginger) root extract, Algae, Fucus vesiculosus, Maris sal, Citric acid, Butylphenyl methylpropional, Benzyl salicylate, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid, CI 19140 (Yellow 5)

    5 stars another great face mask for a relaxing Sunday night.

    Welcome to my blog at:

  25. I love this stuff, too! I just have a question... do you think I could re-use it? I applied all over my face but still had a ton left for other applications.. so if I store it in the fridge could I use later in the week? Thanks in advance! :D


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