Giving Fragrance as a Gift

I guess this is a bit of an odd post for 2pm on Christmas Eve as there it's definitely no chance of buying any perfume this late, unless you are brave enough to go to Tesco of course.

So I guess it's just a bit of a ramble! 

You see it's always seems abit of a taboo (wrong word, maybe?) to buy a new fragrance for someone else - by that I mean something that they have never tried before. I'm guessing this is because fragrance is such a personal thing.

But I actually think perfume can make a really lovely present for Christmas and birthdays..that's if you try to match there personality or buy them a fragrance they already wear! 

For Her...

This Christmas I've actually bought perfume/perfume sets for 4 women in my family all totally different scents and I'm really hoping they will all like them! 

I would ramble abit more of what I bought for what people but I know afew family members do read my blog, so I can't! 
But I do think perfume sets are really great - especially the D&G perfume collection set that comes with 5 different 20ml perfumes, all of which you can buy 100ml versions of. 

Or even buying lots of little miniature perfumes online or from Superdrug and creating your own set as after all the pre-made sets from Boots cost around £25. 

For Him...

As for men...I can't decide whether or not they are hard to buy for when fragrance is concerned as most of the time as long as it's not Brut they will be happy as pie.

I think one of the best fragrance brands for men has to be Paul Smith then oddly Ted Baker. 
All Paul Smith scents seem to be different and almost trendy so great for anyone in there 20's or 30's - I love both 'Story' and 'London' also not overly expensive. 

As for the 'older' man i.e Dads... I always go for Gucci as they always seem to be quite deep scents or for something abit cooler - Issey Miyake. 
Then if we are talking Granddad's, it has to be Old spice all the way or anything that smells a bit herb like! 

I know this post really hasn't been helpful for anyone but tomorrow is Christmas Day so yes! It's allowed. 

I really hope you all have a very happy & merry Christmas! 

Fee xxx



  1. I love 1 million.. I literally die when I smell it!!
    Great post! :)

  2. I think perfumes are great gifts. Even if the recipients don't like the scents, at least the bottles are beautiful(usually) :)

  3. D&G is the best! :)

  4. A really useful post - I got Miss Dior Cherie from my parents this morning, and my mother chose it for me ad she knows me and my personality so well, she's got it bang on and I think it's going to be my new go to scent! x

  5. I gave perfume this year, probably because I've been a little perfume obsessed lately. Ahh though that being said I haven't had any luck with people picking well for me when it comes to perfume hehe

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  6. Thanks for commenting about Bazza M!

    Great post I loved the little 20ml bottles of D&G they're really cool. As for guys some of my favourites are Chanel Allure Blanc Edition and I have a couple of Paul Smith fragrances, the names escape me. But you're spot on about guys fragrances you can't really go wrong with Paul Smith.

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