Affordable Lip products

Continuing on with my Affordable Makeup series I thought I would do a quick look at cheap lip products. I say quick because half of my makeup is in storage due to moving house (I must mention this in every post now) however by the end of 2010 I will do more detailed posts on lip balms, lip glosses and lipsticks and dedicate a post to each one. 

Affordable Lipstick 
I can't say I wear lipstick alot, mainly due to my lips always feeling abit dry, so I try to stick to sheer lipsticks that "moisturise". They say moisturise but none are that amazing I've found...just better than normal lipsticks that can dry the lips out throughout the day.  

I forgot too mention Natural Collection lipsticks in here, but I do highly recommend them if you are on a budget or don't want to spend that much. At £1.99 they are really great. Ofcourse very basic packaging but ideal for anyone just getting use to wearing lipstick as they are quite sheer and not too drying! Also 17 lipsticks are quite good value for money at £3.49.

I have included a lipstick by Max Factor as I love the shade, however I can't say the rest of the range appeals to me and at £7.99 I do see this as hugely overpriced!

L-R - M&S Pink Sorbet, Rimmel Nude Praline, Barry M Marshmallow, Max Factor Moccha Latte.

Marks & Spencer Pink Sorbet (£2.50) - I've mentioned this lipstick afew times now because I use it so much, but every time I wonder why I don't own anymore from the range! But to be honest I'm not a M&S type of girl, so I don't go in there very often. 
This is the only lipstick that I can say actually hydrates my lips and doesn't dry them out! Just works perfectly if you are prone to dry lips. It is quite sheer but also a vivid bright pink shade, so it makes for a good balance really. The range actually consists of 19 lipsticks from nudes to dark berry shades. I currently have my eye on Tea Rose, Golden Sands and Mallow. 
They also have a Mini lipstick set (£5.00) especially for Christmas containing geranium, coral, fuchsia, mallow and blackcurrant, that is worth a look if you've never tried anything from the range before!
Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Praline (£4.49) - From the swatch above this looks quite dark, but it's an almost 'your lips but better' kind of lipstick. Just really evens out the lips and makes them look abit more pouty & soft. Also tastes of marzipan which I love and it isn't that drying. All in all just a really lovely everyday lipstick. 

Barry M Lip Paint Marshmallow (£4.25) - For me this is definately a going out lipstick when I want a really nude look to my lips. However apply this on dry lips and it will look awful. If I'm going to be wearing this I first apply Bepanthen nappy cream to my lips before I start applying any makeup, then at the last minute I use a cotton bud and kind of twirl it to remove the cream and any dry skin. THEN I apply the Barry M lip paint. So this isn't a slap on and go lipstick, but I do still love it (That is when I am tanned, pale skin doesn't work with this lipstick, unless you are going for the corpse look!)

Max Factor Moccha Latte (£7.99) -This is my "grown up" lipstick that I apply with a lip brush as it is quite dark compared to my natural lip colour. Can't say I love the old fashioned lipstick smell to it, but love that is lasts hours and looks perfect when applied well.

Affordable Lip gloss 
 I use lipgloss alot, however I am quite fussy. Anything over perfumed is a no-no as is anything overly sticky (long hair & sticky lipgloss isn't a good look, especially in the wind). Also anything too thick & gloopy isn't great either - I can't say I love the slug lip look either! 
L-R - Barry M Toffee, Natural Collection Fondant, Natural Collection Sherbet Fizz, Models Own Fuchsia-full. 

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand Toffee 02 (£4.25) - This is my favourite lipgloss ever (that sounds like such a sad statement, but I'm sure any makeup lover will understand). I must have re-purchased this the most out of all my makeup because it's just so great! It's a perfect shade, not sticky and smells soooo good. The whole range is great really.

Natural Collection Juicy Lip Gloss Fondant &  Natural Collection Juicy Lip Gloss Sherbet Fizz (£1.99) -For the price these are really great, very similar to the Barry M Lip glosses in smell and shades. However not as glosses are Barry M and they are slightly gritty. But it's something that you can get over. They also have a nice wide range of shades to pick from and are normally on 3 for £5 at Boots! 

Models Own Lip Balm Fuchsia-full (£5.00) - Only tried 3 lip balms out of the range and I have found them  to be abit hit and miss, but I really like this one. 
It is really pigmented with a lovely berry scent to it. Still not sure if I'd class it as a lip balm though. However still lovely! 

As always I'd love to know what your lipstick/lip gloss of choice is! 
Also make sure to look out for Affordable Bronzers soon (something that's quite hard to get right on a budget!) 



  1. YAY! You've got sherbet fizz on here! LOL - Although mine doesn't feel gritty?! Maybe they've changed the formulation of them? Mine's really easy and smooth to put on. I haven't tried any Barry M lip glosses but may have to get my hands on them :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. i love the barry m and the the natural collection ones is one of my all time faves :) great post x

  3. The Barry M gloss is my absolute favourite. Goes with almost everything and tastes great too :) x

  4. My favourite lipglosses are the Lancome Juicy Tubes - I love the taste! But for everyday use I use either Burt's Bees coloured lipbalm, or the pink vaseline! I'm off to look at your other 'affordable' posts - what a good idea! x

  5. Natural Collection 'Fondant' look gorgeous. I love Natural Collections 'Almond' lip pencil, I usually fill my lips with it and fill them with Fyrinnae 'Lace Gloves' lip lustre.

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  7. I really really want the barry m gloss now I am going to buy it x

  8. Totally agree with you on the n.collection glosses, love the colour, but don't like the feel of them on my lippies! ♥

  9. Oh no, for some reason my comment couldn't post, I hope you don't get two diff comments from me! Lol
    But anyways, I love those lipglosses!! I wish I could get ahold of those brands here! As for lipsticks, if you gave dry lips, I would recommend maybellines moisture extreme! They are really moisturizing and creamy! Plus they smell like watermelons :)

  10. i don't have a particular lipstick/gloss that i love but a brand that i highly recommend is revlon. i love their colorburst and super lustrous creme ranges!

  11. Great series. I love the look of that models own pink gloss.
    I don't know if its still true but I heard Max Factor tests on animals, so I won't buy any of their products.

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