The Cosmoholic Checklist

After many years of loving makeup and all things beauty related I have started to do some strange, strange things. 
Recently I found myself going shopping with stripes of liquid eyeliner down the back of my hand.
I also subconsciously type in "ASOS beauty" whenever I go online. 
I even made a special trip to my new house last week in a taxi clasping my nail polish collection (I just couldn't risk any being broken on moving day).

So I've decided to help you all out (and myself) with a little checklist! 

If after reading this you do feel like you may have a problem (meaning you can relate to every statement), I suggest you seek professional help immediately and send all your beauty products to me! It is the only way, I promise. 

  • You have backups of all your favourite products *just in case*.
  • You sometimes go out shopping with makeup swatched on your hand or/and arm. 
  • Your Boots Advantage card is currently looking more healthier than your bank balance. 
  • Just sitting looking at all your makeup can make you happy.

  • You sometimes find un-opened makeup that you forgot about and wonder if you bought it for yourself or someone else. 
  • Planning makeup storage is an ongoing project.
  • You have a "cleaning brushes" day. 
  • You write lists. Lists of what to buy, NEED to buy and of course wish lists.  (This was inspired by Dani from Call it Beauty who currently has 15 lists on the go) 

  • Your "daily" makeup looks something like above or worse!
  • You rotate foundations to use them all up. 
  •  Your next house WILL have a makeup room in it.  
  • You have a drawer...ok a box of products you won't like and will never use.

Last but not least... your idea of beauty heaven. The Selfridges Beauty advent calendar (£60)!

Feel free to add to the list if you think I've missed anything important off it!  



  1. hahaha i have a makeup room already! lol

  2. I fully relate although would be happy with a dressing table in my new place, let alone a make up room. Great post xx

  3. OMG, I NEED HELP FEE!! I'm exactly that... maybe (just maybe) even worse!! LOL

    Kaushal xx

  4. THAT'S ME. We're doing some building in our house at the moment, and I've planned my bathroom around a make-up counter and built in storage!


  5. ahaha I loved this post! xD SO TRUE!
    wait....I NEED a makeup room TOO!!! o.O

  6. I would love to have a make up room! And I am so content looking at my make up collection :p

  7. urrr yesss.... better add to that list "you always come out of boots with all bare skin covered in swatches" .... xxx

  8. so true!
    I need help! ahahha

  9. This brilliant. Luckily I am not all of them but I am guilty of many! If I had more money I think all would apply. So I guess I am half-thankful for being poor!

  10. I have this:

    I buy make-up first and starve later. (It always happen! XD Especially to student like me~SOmehow, my head just went haywired and all sense is lost whenever I see a make-up product that I like)

  11. That's me, I have a problem! Storage is quite a problem, especially when you include my nail polish collection. Still, it's not as bad as my sister's problem-she has a drawer 1m long and 75cm wide for her makeup...and still has to keep her nail polishes in a box elsewhere.

  12. This is one of my favourite posts Fee. So true to most of us bloggers I presume. Certainly me. I now have to carry make up remover pads with me at all times because I always forget I'm walking around with swatches on my hands/arms :-)

  13. ok, I've got a problem I do all of these stuffs, oh dear!

  14. Haha this is all so true for me... especially the part about the Boots advantage card ;)

  15. I don't find myself in all these things but that was funny! :D

  16. Ha Ha - yes that is me, also I keep all my products in their original packaging, it stems from when I used to sell on ebay, but now it makes me feel like I am using a product *new* every day. Sad I know! Jan x

  17. i've only checked four! i'm not that far gone, yet! mwahahahaha!

    this means i have another level of madness to aspire to :p

    i'm SO guilty of #2! in fact, i still have some product swatched on the back of my hand. stubborn, little thing...

  18. Oh god I can relate to practically all those statements..! x

  19. This article made me chuckle out loud! I can relate to so many of those points, especially the 'cleaning brushes' day - mine is a Sunday if you were wondering :P xx

  20. I can relate to the points made!

    No matter what, every time i go shopping i will steer to a boots or a superdrug and browse, then end up with more make up i don't really need :S

  21. Haha this post really made me laugh! I can definitely tick more than a few of those points!

  22. With the exception of the back ups one I'm guilty... Yikes. I don't know if anyone has suggested this one yet but another sign might be that when you actually finish a product you are filled with both pride and shock and use it as an excuse to go buy more immediatly because It's proof that you do use all this crap lol x

  23. What a funny post! And a makeup room... what a genius idea hehe! =D

  24. The advent calender. OMG. Want it. Bigtime. ♥

  25. Phew, it appears I don't need specialist help. Not yet anyway ;). I don't have any back ups at all. I think maybe I'm an oddity on this one. I think I like to try new things too much so reason that I will move on to a new favourite once an item has run out.
    Jane x

  26. lol such a cute post.
    i have makeup on the back of my hands almost everyday when i go out.
    im always swatching something.

  27. Such a funny post! :) I checked 5, LOL! I need a makeup room in my life, but I don't have it! I also need a walk-in closet! lol! A girl can dream, right? :)

  28. help me. Please.

    The other day I went to tesco and HAD to go down the makeup aisle. Even though it is crap I had to go down it to smile at the products.


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