Holidays Are Coming...Beauty Gift Ideas

To say I love Christmas would be a huge understatement...I would actually go as far as saying that I'm in love with Christmas!
The decorations, the cheesy Christmas songs, wrapping presents (even buying wrapping paper), writing lists, late night shopping with the Christmas lights on and ofcourse present buying! (No dangley Christmas tree earrings though!).

I get pure enjoyment out of looking and buying gifts at Christmas for myself and others!
I also pride myself on getting people lovely gifts & not just cheap gift sets (which can sometimes be so tempting for the people that give me rubbish presents each year!)

So here is a little rundown of what brands do which gifts, best! 

Natural & Organic Gifts 

Now that I don't use any product containing Sulfates or any nasties I kind of class myself into the category of being all organic. I appreciate natural products and they just don't feel as cheap as other similar priced products! To me The Body Shop and Lush aren't all that natural but if you have someone in your family or a friend that loves that type of shop then I'm sure they will love any of these products - 

Naked Bodycare & Good Things - Both brands are available in Boots (3 for 2 at Boots) & online. From Naked Bodycare the Coco de Mer Body Butter & Bath Soak are truly divine and just lovely. As are the big pots of intensive hair treatments...much better than Tresemme and the like! 
From Good Things the wipes at £3.49 are actually really great also really loving the Strawberry & Cranberry Exfoliator, really fresh and natural.
These make perfect gifts in a set of three all nicely wrapped up for under £10! 

Ecotools are another lovely brand - however the brushes range from £5 -£12 each. So the 6 piece brush set at £14.50 is really great value for money. I bought my own set from Tesco but you can also find it online or in Boots. It comes in a nice canvas brush roll and makes a great starter set or for anyone that loves makeup brushes. 

Yes To Carrots are also a lovely brand with lots of nice giftsets available this Christmas - With sets for £10 at . 

Burts Bees always do lovely giftsets all year round for around £10 -£15 packed with lots of little mini products to try out! Debenhams always have a great selection as do large Boots store or online - here.

Also love anything by Melvita, Liz Earle and Korres.

Gifts for Teens

To be honest gifts for teenagers is quite easy as so many products are aimed at them. However it can be so easy to get something too childish and them ending up hating it! So I am always one of those adults that annoyingly give someone elses child something abit to grown up for them - resulting in the teenage loving it and the parent hmm-ing about it.
 Last year it was a Banksy graffiti book with afew unsavoury images! 

But we are talking teenage girls here and I am sure they will get enough giftsets to last them all year, so it's always nice to make up your own giftset of products. 

So for teens aged 12-14 brands such as - Soap & Glory, 17Scarlett & Crimson and Beauty UK are good. 

Anyone 15 + - I'd look at Barry M for nail polishes, Gosh, MUA, Girls Aloud eyelashes, Simple skincare.

If you are into giftsets - 
Umberto Giannini and Toni & Guy do some lovely giftsets that come nicely boxed or with a makeup/travel bag. 
Also Gosh, Girls Aloud & Accessorize have some lovely giftsets out this year.

Beauty Gifts for Her

(not to sure what happened to the pic) 

This has to be the easiest category to buy for - however there is always a risk of buying someone something they already have, especially when it comes to women! So I try to chose new products that have been especially brought out for Christmas or nice giftsets that you can find online. 

Some really lovely online giftsets include - Bourjois Vintage Eye Shadow Collection £9.20, OPI Mini Swiss Collection £12.15, Asos Exclusive Paul & Joe Skincare set  £11.00 and Eve Lom Starter Collection  £25.00. 

As for individual brands - Barry M, Topshop, Benefit, Bourjois are all great! 

Also some amazing quirky beauty related books for Christmas are - The Goddess Guide & The Goddess Experience (review here) by Gisele Scanlon both lovely books and so christmassy!

Gifts for the More Mature Lady 
(I am ofcourse joking - I'm talking mum's,aunties and grans here!)

There really are some awful giftsets out there for the "older lady" around this time of year, 9 times out of ten containing talc and smelling of Lavender or "Woods of the Valley"! I don't think I could subject anyone to that. 
 Then all the other giftsets can seem abit to young - even the No7 ones. So it's always nice to make up your own or buy online.  

No7 Skincare and cosmetics are perfect for simple little gifts - especially if you use your £5 free voucher! 
Neal's Yard also do some lovely approciate giftsets ranging from £12 to £25. 
REN at Space NK also have a lovely mini body set with four minis for £15. 
For anyone on more of a budget Sanctuary Spa products are great and ofcourse are on 3 for 2 at Boots. 

For more luxe products - Estee Lauder do some amazing illustrated powder compacts and L'Occitane do some lovely big giftsets and ofcourse there's Guerlain & Chanel for real indulgence!

Stocking Fillers

I think alot of websites mustn't know what a stocking is - as most of the suggestion wouldn't fit in any stocking I've seen. Stocking fillers are supposed to be small and on the cheap side.

Miniature perfumes are a must - however they can be abit tricky to find. Superdrug always stock quite afew next to there checkouts as do Bodycare and ofcourse Boots do the perfume giftsets (but they can be abit pricey). 

Novelty lip balms are also a must - Asos always do quite afew, however there are lots of eBay sellers that stock US novelty lipbalms that are really cute and under £3. 

Paul & Joe also do some lovely packaged Blotting Papers for only £3.50 and Bourjois have some lovely Limited Edition Pots on Asos for £5.85. 

Really hope this post has been nice and helpful to read! 

As some of you know I won't be posting for awhile due to moving house & other things, but I really will miss you all! 

Fee xx



  1. I would love it if my stocking was filled with those ideas. :) I want that £60 beauty advent calender everyone is talking about, it's lush.... ♥

  2. oh, you missed the most important thing, gifts for men! thats so hard! haha ;) xxx

  3. Great post. There really are some horrible gift sets around.


  4. Great post with gift ideas...wish I could get my hands on some of those products in Australia! (& decently priced - stuff is expensive here) Oh how I miss UK shopping & stores like boots etc!

  5. Such a great post sweets, must have taken you ages to research it all.. Some great ideas!


  6. very nice post, thank you! ^_^

  7. Anything by Benefit is the way forward for me!

  8. I'm fifteen, and would say I would adore anything from: Benefit, Barry M, Soap & Glory, Gosh, Topshop Makeup Range, or anything that is very fought after; such as OPI (I live in boring old cornwall, where no great brands are based).

    Clothing shops I would like (vouchers are always a great idea) are River Island, H&M, Zara, Primark (yes, primark!) and Topshop. Even a £5 voucher is a very great gift if from the right shop..

    I really don't like being given book vouchers etc, but think Starbucks or Costa vouchers are a pretty great gift.

    ^ Any of the above would make great gifts for the ages of 14-16.
    Just a little help from a 15 year olds point of view. :)


  9. Excellent post!!! Great ideas.
    enter my giveaway

  10. i love buying presents for people! it's the best part of Christmas for me :)

    hope moving goes smoothly for you and the mr!

  11. such a great post! thanks for taking the time to write that all out. great ideas too. i love christmas. sadly my parents are in one of those "we have too many things already, we don't need anything else" phases. i hope that changes before christmas. i love giving and getting presents. lol

  12. Fabulous post, I might send it to a few relatives as a hint, haha! Good look with the move x x

  13. I would be very happy christmas shopping if only all of my friends were into makeup!!! ARGH! It would be soo fun :) xxxx

  14. Some great ideas!

  15. Some fab ideas there, great post :)

  16. Great post Fee. All angles covered. Will miss you while you are away. Hope the move goes smoothly x

  17. Thanks for this, some great ideas there! :)

  18. great gift ideas! :)


  19. Great post will def use some of the ideas.. maybe for myself lol. Hope the move goes well i'll miss your posts! :)

  20. I love buying stocking fillers- they're my favourite. My sister and I fill a stocking for our mum and we find her all sorts of bits and bobs :) I always do one for the boyfriend too :)

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  22. these are amazing.
    such a lovely blog you got here =)
    take care dear..


  23. great post and good tips as well, thank u

  24. Thanks for your hard work Fee - love it, great ideas. Hope all goes well with move. Jan x

  25. There's some great ideas in there. I may use some :)

  26. I'm definately going to be requesting a few items from Topshop Make-Up for Christmas. Loved quite a few things from their collection when I went and checked up on it while visiting my sister in Coventry the other day.

  27. i love the vintage eye shadows
    check out my blog, it's a bit like yours

  28. amazing ! ; )
    your blog is very interesting ! ; **

    if you want , follow me and write a comment ; *

  29. I gave you a tag to talk about the things that you like but barely use. Hope you'll take it. :)

  30. I love this post, very helpful, thank you for this, you are awesome!

  31. Amazing ideas. Amazing post. Amazing.

  32. is it too early to start listening to christmas music?!

  33. This was really helpful! Thanks for the ideas I truly love your blog :)

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  35. HELLO! :D Just caught up on your posts!
    This was really helpful.. I never know what to get people if they don't tell me what they want!! Love the pictures :D x

  36. P.s. I've given you an award on my blog :) x

  37. So glad we have soap and glory in Australia now *wheeee* :D

  38. Thanks for providing good knowledge about beauty gift ideas. Its excited about getting holiday glam with the impressive array of beauty loot packed into these ideas.

    Beauty Blog

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