Why I always try to Wear Underwear

Ok this has to be my strangest blog title yet...but ofcourse I am talking about base coats. 

Over 3 months ago I decided it may be time for me to remove the red glitter nail polish that had been on my toenails for umm the best part of the summer! 
To be honest as it hadn't chipped I thought nothing of just leaving it on my toes.

Oh how wrong I was. I removed the glitter nail polish to find my big toe nail's where black! 
I actually couldn't believe it.
I thought maybe my nails were stained - I used toothpaste...and then lemon...oh and some bi-carbonate of soda , oh and a no more yellow nail treatment. Nothing worked. 

Basically my nails has died from lack of oxygen to them due to the thick layer of glitter nail polish that had been sitting there for way too long. 

So that is why I now always try to wear a base coat - especially when I'm using any dark shades of nail polish or anything with glitter in it. 

As for my poor toenails..they have been slowly growing out for the past few months..however the tips are still black. Not savvy at all!

As for normal nail polish I don't really wear a base coat - as really who can be bothered with it!

The only other thing I use to actually stop my nails from being stained now is cuticle oil - ofcourse it works wonders on dry cuticles however I'm found it is also really good for keeping my nails healthy! 

So I want to know - do you use a base coat before applying nail polish or do you just sort out stained nails when it happens! 



  1. Wow I've never heard of that before! Black? It sounds horrific! Was it like getting a bruised nail? I have to wear a moisturising basecoat these days as my nails split so easily! x

  2. @Nic - I know...until it happened I'd never heard of it either! It was really like having bruised nails were theres blood under the nail - however it was my actual nail that was just black! I though they were going to fall off.
    But so far so good. Just glad it's growing out now.

    Fee x

  3. Eugh, your poor nails :( this reminds me, i need to remove my toenail polish before it does that! x

  4. I'm curious, if it was a lack of oxygen that turned them black, how would a base coat help? Does that not coat them in another layer to block the air?

  5. @Eyelining - Sorry to make you gag - I should of put a warning on it maybe for anyone that doesn't like feet! But just to glad I didn't include images! Now that would of made you gag.

    @The Glamourous Grad Student - Thats a good question actually. Most nail polish is quite breathable..and will just stain the nails.
    However glitter is so thick literally your nail isn't seeing the light of day until you remove it.
    So I guess theres no point in using a base coat under glitter nail polish. You just have to remove it after afew days of applying it.
    But with dark nail polishes it makes a huge difference.

  6. oh dear me... so sorry to hear that!

    i never keep my nail polish that long (even on toenails) and i'm not a fan of glitter so i don't foresee this ever happening to me. but i find base coats make certain nail varnishes apply much better.

    otherwise, i don't really apply it because i'm too lazy :p


  7. Oh my gosh! I will definitly be using a base coat for my toes, I'm so rubbish at removing the nail varnish! Great post fee :)

  8. OMG! Your nails... died? That is awful!

    I always wear a base coat but not because I'm afraid of stains, just because the nail polish sticks better to the nails with a base coat. But now, after reading your story... maybe I will continue to apply a base coat because I'm afraid of stains LOL.

  9. Oh my, I hope your nails get better soon!

    I always use a base coat.:D Loving the title, btw.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. I use a base coat all the time out of habit on both my toes and fingers. And now i'm really glad that I do. Sorry to hear about your big toes! xx

  11. im so bad at changing my toenail polish - it just stays on for so long!

    other than polish i use Solar Oil's Cuticle Conditioner on my nails.

    hope your toesies get better soon!

  12. Oh I love basecoats, I couldn't do my nail routine without one! I'm using a Nail Tek one at the moment which is alright. I'm definitely interested in the above though, great post lovely :).


  13. Are you sure it's not fungal? As that can get nasty when left untreated.

  14. I've never used a base coat, only wear dark colours on my toes, no-one looks that closely at toes?

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  15. I always use a basecoat!! ;)
    and I'm trying to find the healthier one..

  16. I always wear a base coat, toes and nails. I wear a lot of dark colours on my toes so find it essential. I wear it on my fingers to stop staining and also in the vain hope that it will help my polish stay on longer!

    I'm eyeing the cuticle oil now. My nails are so dry and in desperate need of nourishment. I picked up a remover which claimed to be specifically for dry nails. Of course, it's got acetone in (why would you put that in a nourishing varnish remover?!) so that's why my nails are in a mess. Boo hiss!


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