Oh Rimmel, What have you done with Zooey Deschanel?

No, really. Where have they put her?? As this just isn't the beautiful face of Zooey Deschanel that I am use to seeing and admiring.

Basically she has been photoshopped to a point that makes her unrecognizable...which makes me think - why did Rimmel even want her in there advertising campaign in the first place.

As you can see in the above image -
Her iris/pupil have been dramatically enlarged. 
Her nose has been shaded to change the shape of it. 
Her lips have been made fuller.
Even her cupids bow has been widened.
Her eyebrows have been re-shaped. 
All pores/wrinkles have been removed. 
OH, and I can't forget the HUGE false eyelashes. 
And why?.....So that she can look like a Vector image or something from the 2001 movie A.I.


As for the advert itself - it is just absolutely ridiculous.....(well all mascara ad's are) but how can this be showing of the effects of the mascara.

I even wonder if there new mascara was even used in these images.

As for the before and after images...really words just fail me here.

One word Rimmel - Ridiculous.



  1. oh nooo she looks like everyone else in make up adverts now! she is such a beautiful girl but they've made her look plain! that's so sad :( xx

  2. I completely agree - photoshop fail! She looks much better as well in the flesh, rather than photoshoped. I saw her band She and Him at All Tomorrows Partys festival earlier this year, and she was stunning in real life. x

  3. I recall seeing one mascara advert 'not styled with lash inserts or enhanced in post production for an even lash line' (sadly I can't remember what brand!) and nearly died of shock!
    I've long given up on believing what is represented on them which in effect is hurting their business because they've lost my trust.

    What on earth have they done to the poor girls face?! She is incredibly pretty in every photo I've seen of her but the final image is bland and unreal.
    I'm really disappointed with this one. =(

    Florrie x

  4. rou're right this is disgusting!

  5. How utterly ridiculous! I just don't understand how mascara advertising got to this point: they're basically saying 'nothing about this image is a consequence of our mascara' - do they think we're that stupid that we buy into that?!

    Zooey looks completely different, but it's marginally better than the recent Clinique ad where the model's lashes seemed to eminate from her eyeball!

    Rach x

  6. i honestly wouldn't have known it was her if you hadn't pointed it out. goodness...


  7. I agree with everything you have said in this post.
    It completely defeats the object of advertising the product if you enhance/create the effects of it.
    Makes me angry!

  8. Oh no! I hadn't seen the ad yet - I love her too (because she is cute and quirky) and as you say she looks completely unrecognisable in the ad - I actually really like that new mascara too, but it is so ridiculous how all the beauty companies insist on using extreme lash inserts!

  9. Wow, I can't believe that is her. Couldn't agree with you more. What's the point of having her? And they wonder why people have body/beauty issues.

  10. the lashes look laughable. omg when will they stop this non sense?

  11. I saw this today and am astounded Rimmel chose to portray Zooey Deschanel in such a way. She is beautiful and this makes her look unnatural. I was excited to hear that Rimmel were using her, but now I see this I think what was the point?

  12. Wow, big difference!

    ***** Marie *****

  13. I totally agree with you, it is ridiculous.

    She is gorgeous naturally but in the advert she looks so unnatural, fake, and kind of lifeless.

  14. Mascara adverts are just ridiculous! Something about her looks very weird though. I don't why they've added all the shadows on her face. I can't even begin to comment on the before and after photos. I'm just sat here rolling my eyes at it!

  15. Her face just looks flat, bad Rimmel!

  16. Definite photoshop fail, they have airbrushed out everything quirky or unique about her! The 'filmed with lash inserts' has got ridiculous now. I almost bought the new No.7 mascara today, just because I was so amazed they had actually used her real lashes in the advert!

  17. I've never been a fan of Rimmel's ads. They always seem to mess everything up -_-

  18. I think it's similar to skin care advertising. One day, I'd love them to get someone who suffers from EXTREMELY bad acne and make a huge visible difference. That would impress me. Not some model with perfect (and then airbrushed on top) skin. Wow, rant over. You get the gist.

  19. What a shame really, I love Zooey but this ad is just awful in so many ways!

  20. Sometimes clients airbrush out the gap between my teeth and I can barely recognise myself! It's so funny how tiny changes make such a difference - but they've really gone to twon on Zooey, bloody hell!

  21. Oh dear, she is so uniquely beautiful but this picture just made her look like any other model. Certainly not getting it!

  22. Oh dear, they've been going down hill for a long time. Not a fan. I also can't believe that they used Georgia Jagger in a campaign. She looked terrible! Poor Zooey :(

  23. If they are going to photoshop from the first place , they should've chosen Mick Jagger and the photoshop would do the work.

    I hate this picture.. Zooey is far way beautiful than this..
    I LOVE you Zooey..

  24. This is the exact same thing Revlon did to Jessica Biel in their ads. She looked awful in the 2 ads I saw with her in them. I wish makeup companies would take the Photoshopping down a notch....

  25. Sorry for this very late comment but I felt I HAD to comment. Oh my god. I didn't even realise it was Zooey Deschanel. Well, I guess that just tells you how much Photoshop they used on her...!


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