Matte Love

 So as the title suggests, I want to talk matte nails. Now I know alot of people don't like them but I thought I would show you all afew different styles of wearing matte nails. 

My most favourite way of using a matte top coat at the moment is over black nail polish. 
Not in a million years would I even considered wearing black polish unless it was Halloween but for some reason using a matte top coat just takes that 'gothic' edge off the nail polish and makes it look quite chic! If you really don't believe me - just try it and you see what I mean. 

I forgot to say I think all matte top coats are much of a muchness really...there are so many out now and they all give the same effect so I would personally go for the cheapest! I currently use No7's Limited Edition topcoat which is £7.25 however Rimmel now do one and I'm pretty sure the Boots 17 range are bringing one out in September for around £3-4. 

Anyways, another way I have tried to use a matte top coat is painting the whole nail matte then using a normal top coat on the tips of the nails. I think this would be maily effective with all dark shades of nail polish so that the gloss tips show up more, if you get what I mean. 
The nail polish above is Overexposed in South Beach (what a stupid name) by OPI.

Ok, I can't say I love this but it is quite nice and christmassy? maybe.
To be honest it reminds me of christmas puddings..not sure why though! 

This is also quite boring but I love the nail polish which is Peacock by 17. It's just a really nice vibrant shade that is totally transformed when you apply a matte top coat to something that looks that bit different and a little plastic like! 

I'm not sure if I like the base colour..which is a griege type shade by Nails Inc. But I certainly like the matte Houndstooth. I think I will have to master this abit more so I can sport this in Autumn and Winter with a better shade underneath. Either a nice nude colour..maybe posh polish by Eyeko or a deep red/burgundy shade.

Lastly are the ultimate mannequin nails! Actually slightly creepy in person as there are very plastic like and will morph into your skin tone if you have pale skin like me. But there definitely make your hands look very neat and chic! 
Still slightly too perfect looking though! 

Just on abit of a side note, I have to apologise for posting so many nail related posts at the moment! However banning all skincare
and only using soap & water has made me struggle slightly with what to write about. But I'm hoping this will mean more makeup related posts and makeup reviews as after all my blog is called MakeupSavvy! 


  1. Those nails look incredible - the Peacock and Mannequin nails are amazing! x

  2. You have such beautiful nails, I'm so envious!!

    Thanks for another interesting post I'm definitely keen to try a matte topcoat - it looks so smart in the photos.

  3. No! Don't stop the nail blogs! This is the one place I turn to for nail designs! <3

  4. I recently brought the No7 Matte Topcoat and now I'm excited to try out these looks! Thanks :) xx

  5. I didn't realise you could buy matte top coats! I have a couple of OPI's matte polishes, but I am definitely going to invest in this! Great post hun xx

  6. ahh you sell matte nails well! im still not sure but i do need to try it out i think. great post, it was good seeing all the different styles :) and your nail skills never fail to amaze me!xx

  7. I want to do that one with the shiny tips - I've wanted to try the Topshop matt topcoat - I'm totally going out to get it now!

  8. wow, i love all of these!
    keep doing the nail posts, there really good :)
    i especially love the nail with a gloss bit at the top, its so lovely.
    difinately investing in a matte top coat! :)

    thanks , emily xx

  9. oh my, i've never even heard of a matte top coat before! i NEED one!

    love what you did with the second photo, SO chic!


  10. this is so original and so many ideas and notd's in one post. love it. my favourite are the peacock nails and the one with matte and shiny tips: love love love!
    not too keen on the all matte black nails. nice on you but not my type


  11. Fantastic post hun. Ive just bought the No.7 Matte Top Coat today. I think I'll try the tips one.


  12. A few months ago, I heard about a product called "Matte is Murder" by ManGlaze your first picture reminds me of it. I ♥

  13. Is it weird that I actually LOVE the mannequin nails? I think they look great! I like nude nails in general, but the matte top coat gives them a whole new edge. I can imagine they'd also be nice if the nail colour was even slightly paler than skin tone?
    I could never do my nails this neatly, they're great!

  14. Gorgeous colours, love the designs on the tips you've created!

  15. Didn't realise no7 had a matte top coat! I absolutely love the matte nails with shiny tips, they look great! Super jealous of your nail painting skills :)


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