If You Could Bring Back One Beauty Product, What Would It Be?

Ok, I'm going to cheat and ignore my own question as there are quite afew discontinued products that I use to love. So feel free to do this same! 

I really wish when it came to discontinuing products companies would look at there worst products first. 

For example - the lovely Boots Original Beauty Formula Range (which you can see above). It may have been Limited Edition...but still. Why would Boots create a whole new line that's only Limited Edition and then discontinue it. It was cheap...the packaging was lovely, especially the glass bottled items and most of all it was unique in the fact it was all traditional ingredients and really simple for the skin. 
My favourite product out of the whole range was the skin tonic - made with glycerin and rose water. What has it been replaced for I hear you cry...a glycerin and rose water toner in a plastic Johnson's Baby Oil like bottle that is very granny friendly..for the same price! 

Don't Boots get that grannies don't use toner! 

Anyways...I will stop with the ranting. 
My other sadly discontinued product that I really do lust after is...

Fuzzy Peach Perfume Oil  - I may not have shopped in The Body Shop for over a year now as Nestle own the company and I personally don't like the company (that is another story!). But if they did bring this back I would be very tempted to buy it!
It was discontinued when I was in my late teens if I'm right in thinking and I truly did love it - the smell was so unique and umm very peachy!

Last but not least...isn't really a discontinued item, but it may as well have been . Only last year Pears decided to totally change there iconic soap for much more harsher ingredients. One of the harsher ingredients being Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which I don't use, they basically changed it in to a totally different product that isn't nice. 

I know these aren't the most interesting of products but they are ones that I really would love to come back! 

What would you bring back if you could?? 


  1. The rose and glycerin water in the plastic bottle has always been available, way way before the original formula range, and it's surprising but the only people who do buy it is old people (I work for Boots! If you hadn't guessed!)

    I don't think the Original Formula range really took off, I've only just realised that the store I work in doesn't stock it anymore and I re-merchanised the skincare section last month! They might bring something out at xmas in the range though. xx

  2. slightly off topic, but I have to ask, are you not a nestle fan because of the baby milk issue? also, totally agree, that boots range was so pretty, I loved the glass bottles! xx

  3. It's worth pointing out, I think, that The Body Shop is actually owned by L'Oreal and NOT Nestlé.

  4. I really liked that range too, I'd only just discovered it by the time it was being discontinued. Luckily stocked up on the toner and hand cream (my favourites) while it was half price. But I'm not surprised it didn't take off, since I never saw any advertising or in-store promotion, and I practically live in Boots! I only found about the range through reading blogs.

    I also really liked the Body Shop Olive shampoo and conditioner that they have also just discontinued. I always get into things just before they get axed!

  5. the original beauty formula is discontinued?! well, that's a good thing i have 3 unopened backups of the cleansing milk then. sheesh!

    the product i would like to be brought back is an LE product that only comes out once every 5 years it seems, and that is: MAC's Stereo Rose MSF. and i would like for it to be permanent. my goodness, i STILL feel horrible for missing out on it.


  6. I had no idea that Boots range was LE. I got a free hand cream from it and it was great! I was hoping to get some more soon. I also loved the packaging for it. x

  7. omg, love the idea of this post.
    without a shadow of a doubt and hesitation, would want to bring back a citrus orangey exfoliating tube from garnier. loved it and it was so cheap too. i miss it so much, best exfoliating product in the whole world x


  8. @Karla - It's a shame the Original Beauty Formula range didn't take off...I think maybe it was due too people not really knowing about it.
    But really hope they do bring it back for Christmas. Even if it's just the giftsets.

    @Sophie - yeh....Obvouisly alot of people don't mind what Nestle do and I get that but I personally don't want to profit them in anyway because of the issue.

    @Get Lippie - Oh yes...I should of really put that in my post.
    But L'Oreal is owned by Nestle. So at the end of the day Nestle do profit from The Body Shop.

    @Missy_Ellie_uk - I also noticed it was half price and bought afew things...but silly be didn't get why it was all half price! But like you say the lack of advertising or in-store promotions most likely added to why it didn't take off.

    @Dani - I know - I really did like the range, but atleast you have backups!
    As for Mac's Stereo Rose I have to agree would love to get my hands on it!
    Actually forgot to mention the lovely Paul & Joe Disny collection in my post, that came out last year. Can't believe I didn't by anything from it. Can't even get it on Ebay now! :(

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog - I didn't either but someone mentioned it on Twitter that worked on the range.
    I really do hope they bring it back.

    @Liloo - Oh I wonder why they discontinued it...not all that common for a skincare brand to stop making certain products.

    Fee x

  9. I have no idea what it was called, or if it even has been discontinued, but my Grandpa used to run a pharmacy, and when I was little my bathroom was always filled with leftovers from the store. It came in a translucent pump, and I think some talc may have come with it but it was THE most amazing lavender body lotion...


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