Favourite Affordable Blushers

I was thinking of doing several individual reviews of lower priced blushers...but then I thought why not bombard you all with lots of mini reviews!

 However for once I have included a page jump as this post does go on and on. 

As you can see I do love my peach & pinky blushes - however I do like a mix of powder,cream and mineral formulas. I do also love cheek stains but I think I will had to do a separate post on that.

My personal favourites above clockwise are - No7 Natural Blush Candy Pink, 17 Blush & Glow Peaches & Cream, Bourjois Lilas D'Or, Jelly Pong Pong Fluffy Cheek Puff, Bourjois Rose D'or, Topshop Blush Neon Rose. Center - No7 Mineral Perfection Blush Soft Damson.

No7 Mineral Perfection Loose Powder Blusher 'Soft Damson' - £8.75
I did review this a week or so ago here. So I'm really just reiterating what I said about this blush. This is a product that I reach for when I want a really polished look, as it really is just so blendable and looks flawless on the skin. It's also highly pigmented but light if that makes sense. As if your wearing nothing on your cheeks. Just a really beautiful blusher especially for the price. 

17 Blush & Glow 'Peaches and Cream' - £3.69
 This is another one of my much used and loved blushers, it just really has the most amazing gold highlight running through it and gives such a radiant glow. It is also so, so similar to Nars Orgasm blush - if you want to see a good comparison on the two MizzWorthy.com did a great post on it here. The above swatch is just the right side of the blusher, however the left side is an equally great highlighter or you can just mix the two together. All in all this is a hightstreet product at it's best. 

Bourjois Vintage Blush 'Lilas D'or' - £6.85
 This is actually quite like the above Peaches & Cream 17 blusher - just with more of a pink tone to it and less highlight. There is alot to love about this product - the packaging is just lovely & unique with a handy little mirror in the lid, the baked domed formula lasts such a long time (I have used this so much and you really can't even see a dent in the top), it's rose scented and nicely pigmented. Just a really, really lovely blusher.

Jelly Pong Pong Cheek Puff 'Fluffy' - £12.25
Now I have to admit this is a blusher that I had forgotten about until last month as the packaging is quite boring and the shade doesn't actually look that interesting in the pot. 
However once warmed up between the fingertips and applied to the apples of the cheeks it is a really pretty shade that just gives the cheeks a warm flush.
Aside for this there is one other reason why I had to include this blusher and that is the amount of product that you get. A huge 10.7g! - with all the other blushers in this post being under 5g. So I'm thinking this will last me a lifetime! 
If you are wondering where you can buy this product - Asos would be a good place seeing as it's free delivery. So not really highstreet..but I'm sure you can all forgive me!  

Just click 'Read More' to see afew more blushers from Bourjois, Topshop & No7...

Bourjois Vintage Blush 'Rose D'or' - £6.85
Ok, I will admit this is quite similar to Lilas D'or especially with the gold running through it. However this is much more of a youthful shade that never fails to make me look awake and glowy. Just a lovely vibrant pink blusher with beautiful packaging and a equally beautiful formula. 

Topshop Blush 'Neon Rose' - £6.00
Another one of my favourites - a beautiful lightweight cream to powder blush that just applies and blends perfectly. This also looks and feels more expensive than it's highstreet price tag...with unique packaging and a good sized mirror in the lid. 
As for the shade - it does look quite a bold colour in the pan, however blended out it just gives a really healthy glow. A beautiful blusher!  

No7 Natural Blush 'Candy Pink' - £8.75 
Firstly I must apologise for the pathetic swatch...I stupidly deleted the image I was going to use so I had to use this sad looking swatch instead. So lets just ignore the right hand image and look at the shade in the pan as it is quite like how it looks on the cheeks...just maybe a little less Aunt Sally. 
This is another blush that you get quite alot of product for your pennies at 5g, which is quite good for a powder blush. 
It's just a lovely fresh, vibrant pink blusher that blends wells and looks perfect along the top of the cheekbones. 

As for my ultimate favourites it would have to be the Topshop Blush & Number 17's Blush & Glow. Ok and the lovely No7 Mineral Perfection blusher! 



  1. I've got Bourjois Rose d'Or and it's so cute! ^_^ Nyx Blushes are also very nice!

  2. Great idea for a post, I can't wait to try out the 17 blush which looks like a better value Nars Orgasm/Albatross in one!

  3. I've been buying Rose d'Or for about 10 years, it's one of those few bits of makeup that I always go back to! Love the look of Peaches and Cream though too now, and I'm getting ideas for my No.7 vouchers!

  4. such gorgeous colours! I love your selection. I wana try the No 7 one now

  5. I've never got round to getting any of the Bourjois blushers even though I hear so many good things about them. I really should. Great post xx

  6. I have Rose D'or but find it hard to build it up to be in any way noticeable sometimes- it is such a pretty colour though. I was on a blush buying ban but I feel I might actually 'need' soft damson in my life.

  7. My favourite blush is Bourjois Rose Ambre, I find it hard to switch to another but this post is making me want to try all of these. Thanks for a bit of inspiration.
    E x

  8. Great blushes! I only have powder ones, but I'd like to try a cream one and perhaps one of those cheek stains, I look forward to your post about them :)

  9. Thanks for this post! I'd been looking for a nice single blush for travel since all of mine are in huge palettes or little, fiddly jars.

  10. This was an amazing post as I have a unhealthy obsession with blushers!

  11. I also love this bourjois blush absolutely... it´s such a pretty colour!

  12. I love the post! All the colors are lovely than again i'm a sucker for a nice blusher! I believe it to be my largest portion of my makeup collection! The photographs taken are great it was like reading the review straight out of my magazine :) Love your blog Fee :)

  13. Great post sweetie, really informative.. I also like the Topshop cream blushes :)

    The 17 'Peaches & Cream' looks divine! x

  14. the bourgois looks super nice! right now i'm using chanel, but it would be nice to find something as good that's a bit easier on the old pocket book... great post!



  15. love ur post! very practical info
    gotta have Bourjois Rose d'Or now!!!

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