Cheap or Steep - Red Nail Polishes

Over the past few weeks I have accumulated quite afew red nail polishes after years of never owning a single one. 
So I thought it would be worth comparing afew to see if price really does matter! 

Tesco All About Face - Scarlett Red 8ml
 When buying such cheap nail polishes I do find it can be a total hit & miss when it comes to how opaque the nail polish is and All About Face are no different. The last lilac shade I bought from Tesco was still sheer after 3 coats. 
However the above red is opaque after 2 coats. 
As for application you really cannot fault applies perfectly with no streaks. 
On the chip front, it actually does ok...for £1 I wouldn't of been surprised if it had chipped after one day..however there was only noticeable chipping after 3 days! Which I would say it quite standard for middle of the road nail polishes. 
Things I liked - Really love the shade of this and also the fact it is fast drying! Also a nice short brush, making for an easier application.

Dislikes - Not as glossy as other brands..which I guess can be fixed with a top coat.

Barry M - Bright Red 10ml 
 To be honest Barry M has to be the best for mid priced nail polishes as you really can't go wrong. The application & thickness of the shades never faultier which is great
So there really isn't anything bad to say! It's shiny, opaque and you don't really need a topcoat unless you want this to last 4 days plus. 

Likes - The brush is a perfect size to fit the nail and it is really shiny. 

Dislikes - It is quite hard to find any, however if you apply this too thickly it does tend to develop tiny little air bubbles. But ofcourse if you apply this as suggested this doesn't happen. So not really a big deal!  

Ciate Paint Pots - Boudior 15ml
With higher end nail polishes I do expect perfect application and long lasting results (atleast 4/5 days without chipping) which I have found not to be the case with quite afew £10 + nail polishes (cough*OPI*).
However I was pleasantly surprised with this polish. 
It is definitely long lasting like it states however only a day or so more than the Barry M nail paint. It is also abit shinier. 

Loves - Great application and very glossy.

Dislikes - The smell - quite overpowering compared to most nail polishes. 

Overall - To be honest when it comes to price of nail polish, whether it costs £1 or £10 there isn't a huge amount of difference - ofcourse the more you spend the longer it lasts but other than that, all nail polishes are pretty dam good these days.  
So I would have to say the best out of the three has to be Barry M's Bright Red. The consistency is perfect compared to the All About Face nail polish which is abit on the thin side and ofcourse you save alot compared to the price tag of the Ciate nail polish.  

However I have to give it to the All About Face nail polish as at only £1 it is worth a try first...and ofcourse a topcoat added on there! 



  1. nail polish is something i have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on. unless it's an incredibly unique shade, i'll be looking for dupes ALWAYS.

    in terms of shade, i like the ciate red because the shade is a tad deeper.


  2. Great post. Dupes are for me.

  3. I'm all about drugstore nail polishes. I believe that a good top coat is what really makes a difference.

  4. I am not a red girl, but these are pretty!


  5. I know you don't *need* another red, but Revlon Red is my fave; gorgeous colour and lasts really well.

    Great post!

  6. I have never wanted red nails until last week and went on the hunt for a red one! I choose a rimmel one (post to come) and loved it! I might try the barry M one next. x

  7. Good post! I find that Barry M bubbles on me though, as I'm a little heavy handed with my application. Even Chanel bubbles on me! x

  8. I've got a ciatè red thatì's amazing and it smells sooo good!

  9. you have such gorgeous nails! LOVING all of these reds on you xx

  10. I have never tried anything Barry M but have heard nothing but good things! I must try this nail polish out!


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